Peter W. Groeneveld, MD, MS

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Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
1204 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-2569
Fax: (215) 573-8778
S.B. (Computer, Electrical, and Systems Engineering)
Harvard College, 1991.
M.D. (Medicine)
Tufts University, 1995.
M.S. (Health Services Research)
Stanford University, 2003.
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Description of Research Expertise

Health services research
Medical technology assessment
Health care outcomes research
Diffusion of innovation
Racial disparties in health care
Medical claims data analysis
Observational data analysis
Comparative effectiveness research
Health economics
Cost-effectiveness analysis

Selected Publications

Dayoub EJ, Seigerman M, Tuteja S, Kobayashi T, Kolansky DM, Giri J, Groeneveld PW: Trends in P2Y12 inhibitor use and adherence among antiplatelet-naïve patients after PCI, 2008-2016. JAMA Int Med 178(7): 943-950, July 2018.

Groeneveld PW, Medvedeva E, Walker L, Segal A, Richardson DM, Epstein AJ: Outcomes of care for ischemic coronary disease and chronic heart failure in the Veterans Health Administration JAMA Cardiol 3(7): 563-571, July 2018.

Kini V, Dayoub E, Hess P, Marzec L, Masoudi F, Ho PM, Groeneveld PW: Clinical outcomes after cardiac stress testing among U.S. patients younger than 65 J Am Heart Assoc 7(6): e007854, March 2018.

Merchant RM, Groeneveld PW: Neighborhood-level disparities in resuscitation and the potential of connected health. JAMA Cardiol 2(10): 1118-1119, October 2017.

Kim J, Groeneveld PW: Big data, health informatics, and the future of cardiovascular medicine. J Am Coll Cardiol 69(7): 899-902, February 2017.

Groeneveld PW, Dixit S: Cardiac pacing and defibrillation devices: cost and effectiveness. Ann Rev Med 68: 1-13, January 2017.

Kini V, McCarthy FH, Dayoub E, Bradley SM, Masoudi FA, Ho PM, Groeneveld PW: Cardiac stress test trends among U.S. patients younger than 65 years, 2005-2012. JAMA Cardiol 1(9): 1038-1042, December 2016.

Kressin NR, Groeneveld PW: Race/ethnicity and overuse of care: A systematic review. Milbank Q 93(1): 112-138, March 2015.

Epstein AJ, Wong YN, Mitra N, Vachani A, Hin S, Smith-McLallen A, Armstrong K, Groeneveld PW: Adjuvant chemotherapy use and health care costs after introduction of genomic testing in breast cancer. J Clin Oncol 33(36): 4259-67, December 2015.

Matlock DD, Groeneveld PW, Sidney S, Shetterly S, Goodrich G, Glenn K, Xu S, Yang L, Farmer SA, Reynolds K, Cassidy-Bushrow AE, Lieu T, Boudreau DM, Greenlee RT, Tom J, Vupputuri S, Adams KF, Smith DH, Gunter MJ, Go AS, Magid DJ: Geographic variation in cardiovascular procedure use among Medicare fee-for-service versus Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. JAMA 310(2): 155-162, July 2013.

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