David F. Dinges

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David F. Dinges, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Chief, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology
Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1013 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-898-9949
Fax: 215-573-6410
A.B. (Psychology)
Saint Benedict's College, Honors, 1971.
M.S. (Physiological Psychology)
Saint Louis University, 1974.

Washington University, Central Institute for the Deaf, 1975.
Ph.D. (Physiological Psychology)
Saint Louis University, 1976.
M.A. (Honorary)
University of Pennsylvania , 1993.
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Description of Research Expertise

Sleep; chronobiology; human neurobehavioral functions; cognitive performance; psychophysiological asssessment

Description of Clinical Expertise

pathological and excessive sleepiness

Description of Other Expertise

human behavior and performance functioning in space flight

Selected Publications

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, M. : Sex and race differences in caloric intake during sleep restriction in healthy adults. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Page: 1-8, June 2014.

Minkel, J.D., Moreta, M., Muto, J., Htaik, O., Jones, C., Basner, M., Dinges, D.F.: Sleep deprivation potentiates HPA axis stress reactivity in healthy adults. Health Psychology (Online First Publication) May 2014.

Yi, B., Rykova, M., Feuerecker, M., Jäger, B., Ladinig, C., Basner, M., Hörl, M., Matzel, S., Kaufmann, I., Strewe, C., Nichiporuk, I., Vassilieva, G., Rinas, K., Baatout, S., Schelling, G., Thiel, M., Dinges, D.F., Morukov, B., Choukèr: 520-d isolation and confinement simulating a flight to Mars reveals heightened immune responses and alterations of leukocyte phenotype. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity April 2014.

Basner, M., Dinges, D.F., Mollicone, D.J., Savelev, I., Ecker, A.J., Di Antonio, A., Jones, C.W., Hyder, E., Kan, K., Morukov, B.V., Sutton, J.P. : Psychological and behavioral changes during confinement in a 520-day simulated interplanetary mission to Mars. PLoS ONE 9(3): e93298, March 2014.

Abe, T., Mollicone, D., Basner, M., Dinges, D.F. : Sleepiness and safety: where biology needs technology. Sleep and Biological Rhythms 12: 74-84, 2014.

Shea, J.A., Bellini, L.M., Dinges, D.F., Curtis, M.L., Tao, Y., Zhu, J., Small, D.S., Basner, M., Norton, L., Novak, C., Dine, C.J., Rosen, I.M., Volpp, K.G: The impact of protected sleep period for internal medicine interns on overnight call on depression, burnout, and empathy. Journal of Graduate Medical Education 6: 256-263, 2014.

Goel, N., Bale, T., Epperson, C.N., Kornstein, S.G., Leon, G.R., Palinkas, L.A., Stuster, J. Dinges, D.F. : Effects of sex and gender on adaptation to spaceflight: behavioral health considerations. Journal of Women's Health Published online 2014.

Pellegrino, R., Kavakli, I.H., Goel, N., Cardinale, C., Dinges, D.F., Kuna, S., Maislin, G., Tufik, S., Hogenesch, J.B., Hakonarson, H., Pack, A.I: A novel BHLHE41 variant is associated with short sleep and resistance to sleep deprivation in humans. SLEEP 37(8): 1327 - 1336, 2014.

Shea, J.A., Dinges, D.F., Small, D.S., Basner, M., Zhu, J., Norton, L., Ecker, A., Novak, C., Bellini, L.M., Dine, C.J., Mollicone, D.J., Volpp, K.G.: A randomized trial of a three-hour protected nap period in a medicine training program: Sleep, alertness and patient outcomes. Academic Medicine 89(3): 452-459, 2014.

Basner, M., Dinges, D.F., Mollicone, D.J., Ecker, A.J., Jones, C.W., Hyder, E., Di Antonio, A., Savelev, I., Kan, K., Goel, N., Morukov, B.V., Sutton, J.P.: Mars 520-d mission simulation reveals protracted crew hypokinesis and alterations of sleep duration and timing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(7): 2635-2640, February 2013.

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