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Dariush Elahi

Instructor B of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
51 N. 39th St.
Mutch Bldg, 1st Floor, Room 108
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-8432
American University, 1967.
M.S. (Biology)
American University, 1968.
Ph.D. (Physiology)
Dalhousie University, 1974.
Post-Graduate Training
Graduate Research Assistant, Biology Department, American University, 1967-1968.
Predoctoral Research Fellowship, Tufts University, Medford, MA, 1969-1970.
Graduate Fellowship, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1970-1974.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA, 1974-1975.
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Selected Publications

Magruder JT, Elahi D, Andersen DK.: Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer: Chicken or Egg? Pancreas 40(3): 339-351, 2011.

Rubiee A, Magruder TJ, Elahi D, Andersen DK.: Hypoglycemia after roux-en-Y gastric bypass. The Role of Glucagon like peptide 1. J. Surg Res 158(2): 258, 2010.

Rabiee A, Dwyer A, Caronia LM, Yalamas MA, Andersen DK, Thomas B, Toriani M, Elahi D, Hayes FJ. .: Impact of acute biochemical castration on Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Adult Men. Endocrine Research 35(2): 71-84, 2010.

Ballian N, Rabiee A, Andersen DK, Elahi D., Gibson BR: Glucose metabolism in burn patients. The role of insulin and other endocrine hormones. Burns 36(5): 599-605, 2010.

Rabiee A, Galiatsatos P, Salas-Carrillo R, Lidor AO, Steele KE, Schweitzer MD, Magnuson TH, Habibi M, Gibson BR, Andersen DK, Elahi D. : Disparate Improvement in Peripheral Tissue Sensitivity and Hepatic Tissue Insulin Sensitivity Following Bariatric Surgery. 92nd Annual meeting of the Endocrine Society 2010, 2010 Notes: Poster presentation

Rabiee A, Magruder T, Grant C, Salas-Carrillo R, Gillette A, DuBois J, Shannon R, Andersen DK, Elahi D.: Accuracy and Reliability of the Nova Stat-Strip Glucose Meter for real-time blood glucose determinations during glucose clamp studies. Journal of Diabetes and Science Technology 4(5): 1194-2201, 2010.

Rabiee A , Galiatsatos P, Gibson BR, Milner SM, Andersen DK, Elahi D. : Efficacy of GLP-1 as an adjunct to insulin for tight glycemic control in the surgical ICU. 1st International Hospital Diabetes Meeting 2010, 2010 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Rabiee A, Magruder JT, Magnuson TH, Lidor AO, Steele KE, Schweitzer MD, Andersen DK, Elahi D. : On the Resolution of Diabetes Following Bariatric Surgery: The Role of Incretins. 92nd Annual meeting of the Endocrine Society 2010, 2010 Notes: Oral presentation

Galiatsatos P, Rabiee A , Gibson BR, Eaton L, Milner SM, Andersen DK, Elahi D. : Practice Makes Perfect: Improvement in Management of Blood Glucose in Surgical and Burn ICU as a Function of Experience. 1st International Hospital Diabetes Meeting 2010, 2010 Notes: Poster presentation.

Gibson BR, Galiatsatos P, Rabiee A, Eaton L, Abu-Hamdah R, Christmas C, Milner SM, Andersen DK, Elahi D. : Intensive insulin therapy confers a similar survival benefit in the burn intensive care unit to the surgical intensive care unit. Surgery 146(5): 922-30, Nov 2009 Notes: Epub 2009 Sep 5.

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