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Emile R. Mohler

Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Presbyterian Medical Center of Philadelphia and the Veteran's Administration Medical Center
Department: Medicine
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Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
11-103 Translational Research Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-6606
Fax: 215-746-7415
B.S. (Biology, Philosophy)
Boston College, 1983.
M.S. (Physiology)
Georgetown University, 1984.
Georgetown University, 1988.
Post-Graduate Training
Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, 1988-1991.
Cardiovascular Fellowship, Indiana University Medical Center, 1991-1994.
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Selected Publications

Reynolds MR, Apruzzese P, Galper BZ, Murphy TP, Hirsch AT, Cutlip DE, Mohler ER, Regensteiner JG, Cohen DJ: Cost-effectiveness of supervised exercise, stenting, and optimal medical care for claudication: results from the Claudication: Exercise Versus Endoluminal Revascularization (CLEVER) trial. Journal of the American Heart Association 3(6): e001233, December 2014.

Messé Steven R, Acker Michael A, Kasner Scott E, Fanning Molly, Giovannetti Tania, Ratcliffe Sarah J, Bilello Michel, Szeto Wilson Y, Bavaria Joseph E, Hargrove W Clark, Mohler Emile R, Floyd Thomas F: Stroke After Aortic Valve Surgery: Results from a Prospective Cohort. Circulation 129(22): 2253-61, June 2014.

White HD, Held C, Stewart R, Tarka E, Brown R, Davies RY, Budaj A, Harrington RA, Steg PG, Ardissino D, Armstrong PW, Avezum A, Aylward PE, Bryce A, Chen H, Chen MF, Corbalan R, Dalby AJ, Danchin N, De Winter RJ, Denchev S, Diaz R, Elisaf M, Flather MD, Goudev AR, Granger CB, Grinfeld L, Hochman JS, Husted S, Kim HS, Koenig W, Linhart A, Lonn E, López-Sendón J, Manolis AJ, Mohler ER, Nicolau JC, Pais P, Parkhomenko A, Pedersen TR, Pella D, Ramos-Corrales MA, Ruda M, Sereg M, Siddique S, Sinnaeve P, Smith P, Sritara P, Swart HP, Sy RG, Teramoto T, Tse HF, Watson D, Weaver W D, Weiss R, Viigimaa M, Vinereanu D, Zhu J, Cannon CP, Wallentin L: Darapladib for Preventing Ischemic Events in Stable Coronary Heart Disease. The New England Journal of Medicine 370(18): 1702-11, May 2014.

Snyder PJ, Ellenberg SS, Cunningham GR, Matsumoto AM, Bhasin S, Barrett-Connor E, Gill TM, Farrar JT, Cella D, Rosen RC, Resnick SM, Swerdloff RS, Cauley JA, Cifelli D, Fluharty L, Pahor M, Ensrud KE, Lewis CE, Molitch ME, Crandall JP, Wang C, Budoff MJ, Wenger NK, Mohler ER, Bild DE, Cook NL, Keaveny TM, Kopperdahl DL, Lee D, Schwartz AV, Storer TW, Ershler WB, Roy CN, Raffel LJ, Romashkan S, Hadley E: The Testosterone Trials: Seven Coordinated Trials of Testosterone Treatment in Elderly Men. Clinical Trials 11(3): 362-375, March 2014.

Ouma GO, Rodriguez E, Muthumani K, Weiner DB, Wilensky RL, Mohler ER: In Vivo Electroporation of Constitutively Expressed HIF-1α Plasmid DNA Improves Neovascularization in a Mouse Model of Limb Ischemia. Journal of Vascular Surgery 59(3): 786-93, March 2014.

Cary Theodore W, Reamer Courtney B, Sultan Laith R, Mohler Emile R, Sehgal Chandra M: Brachial artery vasomotion and transducer pressure effect on measurements by active contour segmentation on ultrasound. Medical physics 41(2): 022901, Feb 2014.

Mohler ER, Hiatt WR, Gornik HL, Kevil CG, Quyyumi A, Haynes WG, Annex BH: Sodium Nitrite in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease and Diabetes Mellitus: Safety, Walking Distance and Endothelial Function. Vascular Medicine 19(1): 9-17, February 2014.

Takeshita J, Mohler ER, Krishnamoorthy P, Moore J, Rogers WT, Zhang L, Gelfand JM, Mehta NN: Endothelial Cell-, Platelet-, and Monocyte/Macrophage-derived Microparticles Are Elevated in Psoriasis Beyond Cardiometabolic Risk Factors. Journal of the American Heart Association 3(1): e000507, 2014.

Kimmel Stephen E, French Benjamin, Kasner Scott E, Johnson Julie A, Anderson Jeffrey L, Gage Brian F, Rosenberg Yves D, Eby Charles S, Madigan Rosemary A, McBane Robert B, Abdel-Rahman Sherif Z, Stevens Scott M, Yale Steven, Mohler Emile R, Fang Margaret C, Shah Vinay, Horenstein Richard B, Limdi Nita A, Muldowney James A S, Gujral Jaspal, Delafontaine Patrice, Desnick Robert J, Ortel Thomas L, Billett Henny H, Pendleton Robert C, Geller Nancy L, Halperin Jonathan L, Goldhaber Samuel Z, Caldwell Michael D, Califf Robert M, Ellenberg Jonas H: A pharmacogenetic versus a clinical algorithm for warfarin dosing. The New England journal of medicine 369(24): 2283-93, Dec 2013.

Kimmel SE, French B, Kasner SE, Johnson JA, Anderson JL, Gage BF, Rosenberg YD, Eby CS, Madigan RA, McBane RB, Abdel-Rahman SZ, Stevens SM, Yale S, Mohler ER 3rd, Fang MC, Shah , Horenstein RB, Limdi NA, Muldowney JA 3rd, Gujral J, Delafontaine P, Desnick RJ, Ortel Tl, Billett HH, Pendleton RC, Geller NL, Halperin JL, Goldhaber SZ, Caldwell MS, Califf RM, Ellenberg JH, The COAG Investigators.: A Pharmacogenetic versus a Clinical Algorithm for Warfarin Dosing. New England Journal of Medicine November 2013 Notes: EPub ahead of print.

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