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Neuropsychiatry Section

2D Facial Emotional Stimuli - Request

Please send an email to with: your full name, Degree, Specialty, Office Address, Organizational Affiliation, Phone Number, Email Address. Identify whether you are requesting Windows or Macintosh Faces, and answer the following questions with a brief statement:

  1. What is your research hypothesis or purpose (2-3 sentenences)
  2. What population(s) will be studied and approximately how many participants
    will you have in each group?
  3. In what stage is your research project (e.g., design stage, pilot, thesis, funded project)?
  4. Please list any collaborators, and their institutions, on this project
  5. How did you learn about the 2D facial stimuli?

By sending the email you agree to the following:

  • I certify that I will only conduct research utilizing University of Pennsylvania materials under the guidance and with the support of an Institutional Review Board or similar institution with specific protection for the rights of human subjects.
  • I certify that this request is being made by a qualified investigator, affiliated with a certified research institution.
  • I understand that no support will be provided for materials that are downloaded from this web site or provided in response to this request.

If you have already received a password, please click here to access our online 2D faces database.