Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Eckmann Lab

Facilities and equipment

Floor plan of John Morgan Building highlighting Eckmann Lab/Office spaces (in Yellow) and PI Office (in Blue)


The Eckmann Lab boasts of diverse and extensive capabilities:



Cell Culture Facility (Biosafety cabinet, Incubators):

Cellular Respiration (Oroboros, Seahorse):


Highly sensitive surface detector (QCM-D):

Pressure induced toxicity study (Hyperbaric Chamber):



Fluorescence Microscopy (Inverted Microscope):

Bacteria culture station:



In addition to research equipment, we have advanced peripherals:


BF Microscope


Centrifuge (micro, plate and conical)


Cell counter


Cell incubator


Cryogenic storage



Deep freezer





Ozone cleaner


pH meter


Weighing scale