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Gelfand Clinical Research Lab

  • PCORI Funding Awarded to Gelfand Lab, Penn Medicine News 2017

  • FDG-PET/CT results after 12 weeks of NB-UVB phototherapy

  • Clinical Image and FDG-PET/CT results after 12 weeks of NB-UVB phototherapy

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), October 2006

  • BMJ, October 2013


The Gelfand Clinical Research Lab designs and conducts clinic-based and population-based observational studies and interventional and translational clinical trials in common and rare skin diseases. Dr. Gelfand and his team focus on pharmacoepidemiology, patient centered outcomes and effectiveness research, psychometrics and instrument/diagnostic test development, and human translational studies aimed at the development of novel treatment approaches and further understanding of disease pathogenesis.  A major goal of the Gelfand Clinical Research Program is to improve psoriasis patient outcomes in the skin and joints, while lowering the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Current research projects include: the Dermatology Clinical Effectiveness Research Network (DCERN), which collects data from dermatologists across the US to evaluate effectiveness of psoriasis treatments in real world settings; the Incident Health Outcomes and Psoriasis Events study (iHOPE), a study of 9000 psoriasis patients which evaluates how body surface area of skin involvement influences risk of cardiovascular disease; Vascular Inflammation in Psoriasis trials (VIP), which are multi-center trials that will determine the impact of psoriasis treatment on novel biomarkers of cardiometabolic disease; and the ASPIRE study, which investigates the effects of narrow-band ultraviolet B phototherapy on psoriatic plaques.



October 2017:

Exciting news! PCORI (the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) has approved funding for the Gelfand Lab to study Phototherapy Treatment! Click below to find out more! 

Penn Dermatologist Awarded $8.6 Million to Study Phototherapy Treatment

A Pragmatic Trial of Home versus Office-Based Narrowband Ultraviolet-B Phototherapy for the Treatment of Psoriasis