Name of Organization: Jamaica Eye
Location (city, country): Jamaica
Dates of your attendance: June, 2003 (2 weeks)
Purpose of site institution (3-4 words): Cataract surgery, Christian missions
Is there a language requirement? If so, state language:  

Activities available:

Patient care
Christian evangelical

Opportunities appropriate for:

Preclinical students
Clinical students

  1. Please describe your activities while abroad (eg, seeing patients, clinical research, public health project, etc.):
    It is definately more relevant if you are Christian and/or interested in ophthalmology. We
    shared the gospel and prayed with/for people. There was a cataract OR set up (12 surgeries/day), and ophthalmology clinic, and a vision clinic.

  2. Please describe the range of activities available, in addition to yours:
    The project is assigned befory you arrive. However, there is some flexibility in your
    day-to-day work, and if you have other interests, you could almost certainly get involved with other porjects going on in addition.

  3. Would you recommend this institution to other Penn medical students? Why?
    I had a great experience, but it is definately not for everyone. It is a lot of fun, but at
    the same time a very servant thing. I learned a lot about myself and my temperment in addition to medical knowledge.

  4. What did you not like?
    I enjoyed everything about this trip... even the goat every night :)

  5. Is there an application process for this institution? How does one arrange a visit? Are there important dates to know about?
    I heard about this trip through a friend of a friend. The trip is run by a small Methodist
    church in Georgia and I'm not sure how people are selected to go.

  6. What costs were associated with the trip, other than transportation. Please include institutional fees, housing costs, food, etc.:
    Trip was around $1000. (flight, lodging, food)

  7. Did you receive funding for this trip? If so, from whom and for how much? Please provide important information, such as contacts, application procedure, and due dates:
    Dr. Larson funded half of this trip ~$500.

  8. Would you agree to be contacted by other students interested in this site? If so, please give your name and contact information:
    Irena Tsui
    Phone: 267-872-3989

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