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Addressing Health Disparities
Addressing Health Disparities aims to expand the role of community-based education in the Penn Med curriculum.  As part of this goal, we will coordinate the ID-143 elective class in community based care and research for the upcoming year.

Caitlin Kantrowitz Rollins

Jaime Moo-Young

Denise Connor

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
AMSA focuses on five strategic priorities, including universal healthcare, disparities in medicine, diversity in medicine, leadership development and transforming the culture of medicine. Our attention is focused on the medically underserved, inequities in our health-care system and related issues in medical education.

Marta White

Jonathan Liang

Brijal Desai

Gauree Gupta

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
APAMSA seeks to raise awareness of the health and social issues revelant to Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans in order to better understand and serve these subpopulations.
Yeowon Kim
Botswana Project
A few students from PGH initiated this long-term international health partnership with a hospice in Garborone , Botswana . The goal of the project is for medical students to participate in a useful and sustainable project over their four years here at Penn.

Hema Magge

Rick Vidal

Sanam Magrey

Equipo Medico Hispanoparlante
The Equipo Medico Hispanoparlante is a group of Spanish-speaking students with interests in the health professions. We meet regularly (approximately monthly) to promote knowledge of medical Spanish. Meetings typically consist of vocabulary development sessions and presentations from Spanish-speaking health professionals. We are also publishing a Spanish-English pocket medical dictionary.

Peter Rowinsky

Scarlet Soriano

Frontline Medicine
Frontline Medicine has been supporting PENN medical education in global health since 1993. Through the provision of stipends and clinical contacts in “resource poor” areas of the world, students are encouraged to explore the complex socio-economic, religious, political, and geo-historical issues that directly impact on the provision of health care. Frontline Medicine emphasizes a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to health care that values population-based public health interventions alongside of the biomedical model offered in traditional medical school education.
Dr. Steve Larson
Immigrant Health Partnership (partnership with Liberian immigrants in Philly)
IHP is a student established and run project aimed at increasing immigrant access to quality health services via direct health screening and education programs.  The project has specifically targeted West African populations residing in West Philadelphia

Neil Gupta

Saraswati Iobst

Lauren Weissman

Language Link
Language Link provides interpreter services for patients with Limited English Proficiency at HUP and CHOP. Language Link volunteers are formally trained and certified as medical interpreters and are an integral part of the medical team.

Julie Linton

Peter Rowinsky

Lee Shearer

Physicians for Human Rights
Physicians for Human Rights is a nobel-prize winning organization whose mission is to prevent, document, investigate, and disclose human rights abuses throughout the world, particularly as they threaten the health and well-being of human beings.  If you are interested in international health, medical activism, or public policy and want to connect and work with like-minded students and physicians across the world, please get involved in the Penn Med chapter and please also go to to learn more!
Tap Maniar
Project Salud
Project Salud is a migrant health center located in rural Southern Chester County that provides health care to the predominantly Mexican labor force employed in the local agricultural industry. The foundation of the clinic rests on a nurse practitioner model for community health that highlights collaborative, cost-effective, high-quality health care for all. First-year medical students are invited on work rounds at the clinic, where they have the opportunity to observe a “no frills” approach to health care driven by the realities of limited manpower, monies, and supplies. The experience at Project Salud is intended to introduce students to a variety of social, medical, and ethical questions directly related to the care of society's disenfranchised. It highlights cultural sensitivity, patient advocacy and social responsibility.
Dr. Steve Larson
The United Community Clinic (UCC) project is a collaborative by students from the medical, nursing, dental, social work, law and business schools. UCC draws upon resources and expertise of this multi-disciplinary group of students in order to offer a wide range of services to the surrounding community in West Philadelphia and specifically East Parkside , where our clinic is located.  We provide services of medical assistance, education, referral, and representation to meet the needs of our community.  Services are provided every Monday from 6 to 8 PM .
Jason Goldman

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