Name of Organization: Isolated Island Hospital
Location (city, country): St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean
Dates of your attendance: March 24-April 22, 2001

Purpose of site institution (3-4 words):

All Island Medical Care

Is there a language requirement? If so, state language: No

Activities available:

Patient care
Clinical research
Community medicine
Self-reliant medicine

Opportunities appropriate for:

clinical students

  1. Please describe your activities while abroad (eg, seeing patients, clinical research, public health project, etc.):
    Work week was divided daily between hospital ward rounds, emergent clinic visits, scheduled clinic visits, emergency/casualty clinic, operating theatre (once weekly), ambulance calls, pre-natal clinic, mental health hospital rounds. Student also rotates
    through as many of the 6 country clinics as possible.

  2. Please describe the range of activities available, in addition to yours:

  3. Would you recommend this institution to other Penn medical students? Why?
    Yes, as this island is so isolated, with NO landing strip and contact with the outside world only 10 times yearly. This isolation provides for opportunities to improvise and learn the meaning of self-reliance. Pts can only be referred for high-level care 10 times yearly, ALL other operations/procedures/care must be handled by the islands FOUR physicians.

  4. What did you not like?

  5. Is there an application process for this institution? How does one arrange a visit? Are there important dates to know about?
    Please contact David Dinan, MS4, for information regarding how to arrange an away rotation here. Although it can be done, one must be able to plan well ahead in order to make the scheduled sailings of the island's passenger/cargo vessel.

  6. What costs were associated with the trip, other than transportation. Please include institutional fees, housing costs, food, etc.:
    Variable -- Housing may range from $0-650/mo for food and housing (less if two students go and share). Car rental is not necessary, but could greatly improve your time on this small island (approx. $15/day including insurance.)

  7. Did you receive funding for this trip? If so, from whom and for how much? Please provide important information, such as contacts, application procedure, and due dates:

  8. Would you agree to be contacted by other students interested in this site? If so, please give your name and contact information:
    David Dinan
    Phone: 267-250-3309

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