Name of Organization: Paul D. Stolley International Clinical Epidemiology Travel Award
Location (city, country): Bangkok, Thailand
Dates of your attendance: July 24-August 24, 2001
Purpose of site institution (3-4 words): Public community health research
Is there a language requirement? If so, state language: English

Activities available:

patient care observation
public/community health research

Opportunities appropriate for:

pre-clinical students
clinical students

  1. Please describe your activities while abroad (eg, seeing patients, clinical research, public health project, etc.):
    This was a flexible fellowship whereby you and your advisor in the host institution could plan what you wished to accomplish. Being I was in Bangkok for a relatively short period of time, my advisor and I thought it was most fruitful for me to observe a variety of care deliverances in Bangkok, rather than trying to get very involved with a single project. I observed inpatient and outpatient clinics. I visited health centers (public health) in the rural as well as urban areas and met with the directors. I learned of various projects the public health department is carrying out, and visited Bangkok's largest slum community, which was one of the target sites. I also visited the Red Cross, where they do a significant portion of the country's rabies testing and treatment. I also devoted a significant portion of my stay to taking advanced epidemiology courses (conducted in English). My classmates were mostly experienced health professionals, and there was a good mix from different Asian countries, so it was an excellent opportunity to meet others with my interests.

  2. Please describe the range of activities available, in addition to yours:
    One idea, which I wasn't able to do because of time constraint, is to visit the provincial hospitals in northern Thailand. My advisor told me that it would have been interesting to see the differences in facilities and way of delivery care in a less affluent city in provincial hospitals compared to the teaching hospitals in Bangkok.

  3. Would you recommend this institution to other Penn medical students? Why?
    Yes. It's an unique opportunity to get public health experience (and clinical too depending on your advisor) in a developing country.

  4. What did you not like?

  5. Is there an application process for this institution? How does one arrange a visit? Are there important dates to know about?
    Yes. Last year, the clinical epidemiology department at Penn sent out a flyer to all medical students' mailboxes in January.

  6. What costs were associated with the trip, other than transportation. Please include institutional fees, housing costs, food, etc.:
    See below.

  7. Did you receive funding for this trip? If so, from whom and for how much? Please provide important information, such as contacts, application procedure, and due dates:
    The clinical epidemiology department provided full funding for this trip, which included full air fare and $1000 for living expenses, which was more than enough. You do need to keep all receipts to get reimbursed.

  8. Would you agree to be contacted by other students interested in this site? If so, please give your name and contact information:
    Elaine Wu

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