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Selected Publications

A complete list of publications can be found here.

Poleshko, A.*, Shah, P.P.*, Gupta, M.*, Babu, A., Morley, M.P., Manderfield, L.J., Ifkovits, J.L., Calderon, D., Aghajanian, H., Sierra-Pagán, J.E., Sun, Z., Wang, Q., Li, L., Dubois, N.C., Morrisey, E.E., Lazar, M.A., Smith, C.L., Epstein, J.A.**, Jain, R.**. Genome-Nuclear Lamina Interactions Regulate Cardiac Stem Cell Lineage Restriction. Cell. 2017 Oct 19;171(3):573-587.e14.

Aghajanian, H., Cho, Y.K., Rizer, N.W., Wang, Q., Li, L., Degenhardt, K., Jain, R.  Pdgfrα functions in endothelial-derived cells to regulate neural crest cells and the development of the great arteries. Disease models & mechanisms. 2017; 10(9):1101-1108. Featured on cover

Kook, H., Seo, S.B., Jain, R.  EZ Switch From EZH2 to EZH1: Histone Methylation Opens a Window of Cardiac Regeneration. Circulation research. 2017; 121(2):91-94.

Ramjee, V.*, Li, D.*, Manderfield, L.J., Liu, F., Engleka, K.A., Aghajanian, H., Rodell, C.B., Lu, W., Ho, V., Wang, T., Li, L., Singh, A., Cibi, D.M., Burdick, J.A., Singh, M.K.**, Jain, R.**, Epstein, J.A.** Epicardial YAP/TAZ orchestrate an immunosuppressive response following myocardial infarction. J Clin Invest. 2017 Mar 1;127(3):899-911.  **Co-corresponding author.

Bardot, E., Calderon, D., Santoriello, F., Han, S., Cheung, K., Jadhav, B., Burtscher, I., Artap, S., Jain, R., Epstein, J.A., Lickert, H., Gouon-Evans, V., Sharp, A.J., Dubois, N.C. Foxa2 identifies a cardiac progenitor population with ventricular differentiation potential. Nature Communications. 2017 Feb 14;8:14428. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14428.

Loh, K.M., Chen, A., Koh, P.W., Deng, T.Z., Sinha, R., Tsai, J.M., Barkal, A.A., Shen, K.Y., Jain, R., Morganti, R.M., Shyh-Chang, N., Fernhoff, N.B., George, B.M., Wernig, G., Salomon, R.E., Chen, Z., Vogel, H., Epstein, J.A., Kundaje, A., Talbot, W.S., Beachy, P.A., Ang, L.T., Weissman, I.L. Mapping the Pairwise Choices Leading from Pluripotency to Human Bone, Heart, and Other Mesoderm Cell Types. Cell. 2016 Jul 14;166(2):451-67.  *Commentary in Cell Stem Cell

Jain, R.*, Li, D.*, Gupta, M., Manderfield, L.J., Ifkovits, J.L., Wang, Q., Liu, F., Liu, Y., Poleshko, A., Padmanabhan, A., Raum, J.C., Li, L., Lu, M.M., Won, K., Epstein, J.A. Integration of Bmp and Wnt signaling by Hopx specifies commitment of cardiomyoblasts. Science. 348(6242): aaa6071, Jun 2015. *Featured on cover; Commentary in Molecular Therapy; Faculty of 1000 selection. 

Jain, R.*, Barkauskas, C.E.*, Takeda, N., Wang, Q., Aghajanian, H., Manderfield, L.M., Gupta, M., Padmanabhan, A., Li, D.Q., Li, L., Trivedi, C.M., Hogan, B.L., Epstein, J.A. Plasticity of Hopx+ Type I alveolar cells to regenerate Type II cells in the lung. Nat Commun. 2015 Apr 13;6:6727.

Li, N., Yousefi, M., Ddamba, A., Jain, R., Tobias, J., Epstein, J.A., Jensen, S.T., Lengner, C.J. Single cell analysis of proxy reporter allele-marked epithelial cells establishes intestinal stem cell hierarchy. Stem Cell Reports. 2014 Nov 11;3(5):876-91.

Hogan, B.L., Barkauskas, C.E., Chapman, H.A., Epstein, J.A., Jain, R., Hsia, C.C., Niklason, L., Calle, E., Le, A., Randell, S.H., Rock, J., Snitow, M., Krummel, M., Stripp, B.R., Vu, T., White, E.S., Whitsett, J.A., Morrisey, E.E. Repair and regeneration of the respiratory system: complexity, plasticity, and mechanisms of lung stem cell function. Cell Stem Cell. 2014 Aug 7;15(2):123-38.

Gerhardt, D.M., Pajcinic K.V., D’altri, T., Tu L., Jain, R., Xu, L., Chen, M., Rentschler, S., Shestova, O., Werthheim, G.B., Kluke, M., Aster, J.C., Gimotty, P., Epstein, J.A., Speck, N., Bigas, A., Pear, W.S. Notch1 transcriptional activation domain is required for development and reveals a novel role for Notch1 signaling in fetal HSCs. Genes & Development, 2014 Mar 15;28(6):576-93.

Takeda, N.*, Jain, R.*, LeBoeuf, M.R., Padmanabhan, A, Wang, Q., Li, L., Lu, M.M., Millar S., Epstein, J.A. Hopx expression defines a subset of multipotent hair follicle stem and progenitor cells primed to give rise to the niche. Development. 2013 Apr;140(8):1655-64. *Co-first author.

Takeda, N.*, Jain, R.*, LeBoeuf, M.R., Wang, Q., Lu, M.M., Epstein, J.A. Inter-conversion between intestinal stem cell populations in distinct niches. Science. 2011 Dec 9; 334(6061):1420-4. *Co-first author; Faculty of 1000 selection; Commentary in Cell Stem Cell

Jain, R., Engleka, K.A., Rentschler, S.L., Manderfield, L.J., Li, L., Yuan, L., Epstein, J.A. Cardiac neural crest orchestrates remodeling and functional maturation of mouse semilunar valves. J Clin Invest. 2011 Jan 4; 121(1):422-30.

Jain, R.*, Rentschler, S.*, Epstein, J.A. Notch and Outflow Tract Development. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2010 Feb; 1188:184-90.

High, F.A.*, Jain, R.*, Stoller, J.Z., Antonucci, N.A., Lu, M.M., Epstein, J.A. Murine Jagged1/Notch signaling in the second heart field directs Fgf8 expression and tissue-tissue interactions during outflow tract development. J Clin Invest. 2009 Jul; 119(7):1986-96. *Co-first author; Faculty of 1000 selection