Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Kolson Lab
Dr. Dennis Kolson

I am a Professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania with an active research program in the area of HIV- and inflammation-induced neurodegeneration. As a neurovirologist I have training in both virology and neuroscience, and I have focused my research on HIV neuropathogenesis. I am particularly interested in pathways of neuronal injury triggered by HIV replication in macrophages and strategies to protect neurons by targeting signaling pathways in macrophages and neurons. I am a co-director of the Penn Neurovirology training grant (NIHT32) and I am an active trainer in a second T32 training grant in HIV pathogenesis. I am a member of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group (Microbiology,Virology, and Parasitology/MVP Program), as well as in the Neuroscience Graduate Group. I am the current Admissions Committee Chair of the MVP program. I also serve as the University of Pennsylvania site Investigator for neurological clinical trials within the Penn AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, through which I have participated in three pivotal HIV neuroprotection trials (ACTU studies 301 (Namenda), 5090 (Selegiline) and 5235 (Minocycline)). My laboratory has focused on virus-induced neurodegeneration and we have developed several in vitro models of HIV neurotoxicity that have supported our research since 1992. We study mechanisms and pathways of neurodegeneration and the role for immune activation in macrophages in these processes. My laboratory is particularly focused on the role for the anti-oxidant reponse in human macrophages in modifying HIV infection and HIV-mediated neurodegeneration. I have NIH-funded collaborations with numerous collaborations within the University of Pennsylvania (Dr. Jordan-Sciutto and others) and also with investigators at the University of Texas, Temple University, and Drexel University. I have maintained NIH funding for my laboratory continuously since 1992 and have trained graduate students, post-docs, and neurology residents, a number of whom have been supported by NIH training grants, including T32s and F32s (NRSA).

Education and Training
1977 B.S. in Biology (magna cum lada) from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
1980 M.S. Biology from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
1984 Ph.D. Biology from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA <.br> 1985 M.D. Medicine (cum laude) from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Positions and Employment
1985-1986 Intern (Medicine), Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
1986-1989 Resident (Neurology), Duke University Medical Center
1989-1992 Fellow (Neurovirology), University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Neurology
1992-2001 Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Neurology
2001-2011 Associate Professor of Neurology (with tenure), Univ. of Penn Dept. of Neurology
2011 - Professor of Neurology (with tenure), Univ. of Penn Dept. of Neurology

Other Experience and Professional Memberships
1999-2003 Neurology Subcommittee member, AIDS Clinical Trials Group
1999-2000 University AIDS Research Program (Univ. of Calif., San Fran., CA.) reviewer
1999-2003 Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium (NARC): Univ. of Penn. site Principal Investigator
2002 External Reviewer, Nebraska Center for Virology (Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln)
2002-present National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium/NIH Steering Committee
2002-2006 NIMH/NINDS regular study section member: NAED (formerly AARR-5)
2006-present Editorial Board, Journal of Neurovirology
2006-present Professional Advisory Com., Univ. of Puerto Rico Med. Sciences Ctr. Program in Neuroscience
Chair, 2008-2011