PI: Patrick Seale, Ph.D.

Patrick Seale obtained his Ph.D. from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Rudnicki. During his graduate training, he studied regenerative processes in adult skeletal muscle and demonstrated a key requirement for Pax7 in the development of skeletal muscle stem cells. He then trained as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Bruce Spiegelman at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. His research there focused on the development and differentiation of adipose lineages. In particular, he identified PRDM16 as an important cell-autonomous regulator of brown adipose cell fate. His studies also revealed a developmental connection between brown adipocytes and skeletal muscle cells.

He was appointed as an assistant professor in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Sept. 2009.

Lab Location - Smilow Translational Research Center, Rooms 12-179 to 12-181

Research Investigators

Jeff Ishibashi, PhDJeff Ishibashi, Ph.D.
Phone: 215-746-0551

Post Docs

Wenshan Wang, PhDWenshan Wang, Ph.D.

Rachel R. Stine, PhD

Rachel R. Stine, Ph.D.

Matthew J. Harms

Matthew J. Harms, Ph.D.

Graduate Students:

Megan Kissig
Megan Kissig

Suzanne Shapira
Suzanne N. Shipira

Research Specialists:

Li HuangNatalia Lladó-Calderón
Phone: 215-746-0551

We are always looking for qualified and enthusiastic applicants interested in joining our team. In particular, individuals seeking opportunities at the postdoctoral level are encouraged to apply.