Equipment Calendar Reservations


Permissions vary.
Please see
Equipment Resources
Equipment Reservation and USE Guidelines

Equipment available for online sign-up include:

NEW: SW 32 Rotor set sign out. Starting Monday AUGUST 30, 2021
Sign out by floor/rotor serial number. Please return entire set (rotor, buckets, lids) to corresponding cold room.
SW 32 sign out

AFCRI Equipment available for online sign-up include:

4th fl
431 Acurri C6
462 FACS Calibur
Simon ViiA7 RealTime
Spectromax M2e Plate Reader (for long term use only)
SW32 Rotor

5th fl
523A Sonicator
Q-PCR(5) 7900
527 FACS
584 Histology equipment
SW32 Rotor


CBIO Equipment available for online sign-up includes:

6th fl
Lab MiSeq*
BioTek Plate Reader
Cryostat A
Cryostat B
Licor Imager
Q- PCR(6) 7900
ViiA7 RealTime
Wellen Biorupter

7th Fl
ViiA7 RealTime ViiA7
SW32 Rotor

*For individually owned lab equipment pre-authorization by equipment owner PI is required-contact RF for more details.

Online Calendar Reservations

For quality control, use of common equipment is restricted to members of Cancer Biology, the Abramson Institute and associated laboratories. Training is required before access is granted. AFCRI-CBIO members should use the helpdesk to request access and training. If you are not an AFCRI-CBIO member please review our use policy under Equipment Resources.

Calendar sign up is strictly enforced

You must be approved by RF before using common equipment. If you need access or training please submit a Helpdesk Request


All Users must sign-up on the available online (or hard copy where available) calendar.

Report any problems with equipment condition, use or sign-up to the Research Facility and Lab Services Helpdesk Helpdesk

  1. use your pennkey and password to log into the AFCRI-CBIO Equipment Calendars
    Please update your bookmarks accordingly
  2. select view by month to see available times
  3. select the area (floor location)from the upper left corner: red highlighted area will display available instruments for that floor
  4. select the instrument(Room)
  5. click on the time of day to make your reservation
  6. Enter YOURNAME/PI-NAME/PHONE and instrument in the Brief Description field