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Threats to the Neuronal Genome - An IOA & PCGI Symposium

By Nicolette Calcavecchia

On April 9, 2024 the Institute on Aging (IOA) and Penn Center for Genome Integrity (PCGI) co-hosted a symposium titled "Threats to the Neuronal Genome." 

The IOA and PCGI share missions to bring basic, translational, and clinical researchers together and in recognition of this mission and the role of genome maintenance in neurodegenerative disease, the symposium covered several related topics including neuronal DNA damage and neuronal somatic variants. The full-day symposium featured keynotes by Drs. Michael B. Miller, Li-Huei Tsai, and Andre Nussenzweig, with trainee talks as well as a poster session. 


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Transparent Disclosure of AD Biomarker Results to Patients and Caregivers

By Joey Dupree, IOA Intern

Jennifer H. Lingler, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, a Professor of Nursing and Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh spoke at the 2023 IOA Retreat to discuss how practitioners can be responsibly transparent towards patients and their caregivers regarding Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) biomarker results. 

Dr. Lingler is motivated to effectively communicate AD biomarker results in a way that is not only transparent, but also clear and easy to understand. Dr. Lingler experienced firsthand the impact of ineffective communication of patient results on the caregiver and patient as a bystander. During her talk, Dr. Lingler reminisced on a personal experience in which she…

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The Science of Aging: An IOA Newsletter | Spring 2024 Edition

By Nicolette Calcavecchia

The Science of Aging: An IOA Newsletter, Spring 2024 Edition | DIGITAL VERSION


Download the PDF here. 

New treatment reverses signs of Alzheimer's Disease, Penn Medicine research suggests

Penn Medicine researchers have…

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Communicating Clinical Trial Results to Participants

By Nicolette Calcavecchia

When conducting a clinical trial, investigators have ethical obligations throughout the entire course of the study, including the post-trial period. Some obligations may be more obvious during the pre-trial and trial periods, but the post-trial period is more of a “black box” with unseen inner workings, explained Emily Largent, PhD, RN, Emanuel and Robert Hart Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at Penn Medicine, during a presentation at the IOA's 2023 Sylvan M. Cohen Annual Retreat.

What this means is that investigators don’t always think about their ethical obligations to participants once the trial period ends, but…

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Honoring Drs. Lee and Trojanowski -- trailblazers in neurodegenerative disease research

By Nicolette Calcavecchia

Virginia Lee, PhD, and the late John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD, partners in life and in science, have long been recognized as trailblazers in the field of neurodegenerative disease research. Now, their legacy will be immortalized in the halls of the University of Pennsylvania, as they join the list of leaders at Penn who have been celebrated with portraits to honor their impacts and contributions not only to the university, but to their respective fields.

Drs. Lee and Trojanowski spent nearly 4 decades working together at the University of Pennsylvania accomplishing one groundbreaking discovery after the other,…

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