Dr. Wes Wilson | Cancer Researcher and Tumor Immunologist

Dr. Wes Wilson
                             Dr. Wes Wilson

Dr. Wilson is a Tumor Immunologist and Cancer Researcher fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. He is cross appointed with Dr. Carl June in the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Dr. Mike Milone in the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies . 

Dr. Wilson has been working in cancer research for over a decade, focusing on developing new therapies for hard-to-treat diseases like childhood brain tumors, adult mesothelioma, and, most recently, at Penn Medicine multiple myeloma. His specialties include focusing on the modulation of the immune response to cancer using various tools and technologies to characterize the cancer immune response and then leveraging cutting-edge immunotherapies such as checkpoint blockade immunotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy to continue delivering improved patient responses. 





In 2022 Dr. Wilson was selected as one of 40 young cancer professionals in America during 2021 that recognizes him as one of the nation’s most promising young oncology professionals and celebrates his contributions to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

Wes Wilson 40 Under 40

In 2020/2021 Dr. Wilson won the Young Investigators Award from the International Mesothelioma Interest Group for his work understanding the impacts of combination checkpoint blockade immunotherapy and radiotherapy. In this video Wes describes his the work that spanned 4 years that sets the ground work for new treatment protocols for Mesothelioma.


Dr. Wilson is also active in the cancer support and broader cancer community previously working the Canadian Cancer Society, and more recently American Cancer Society. In 2020 & 2021 he also helped host Livestream for the Cure to raise $15,000 for cancer research. Keep an eye on this space on how you can participate in 2022!

Livestream for the Cure

Want to learn about the exciting advancements in cancer care that have sprung out from amazing cancer research? Here how immunotherapy works and how its changing the landscape of cancer therapy? Then check out Wes' 2018 TEDxTalk to learn how research really does make a difference!

Conference Presentation

Dr. Wilson's Current Students:
Linhui Chen (Graduate Student)
Zoey Kline (Undergraduate) 

Dr. Wilson's Past Students:  
Maximilian Greil (Post-grad)
Tej Patel (Undergrad) 
Tarkh Fenix (Summer Student) 
Elianna Kondylis (Summer Student)

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Dr. Wesley Wilson, Milone lab 

Center for Cellular Therapies.

8-303 South Tower Pavilion

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