Richard L. Maughan

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Richard L. Maughan, PhD

Emeritus Professor CE of Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

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TRC 2 West,
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BSc Hon (Physics)
Birmingham University, 1970.
PhD (Physics)
Birmingham University, 1974.
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Selected Publications

Maughan, R.L. : Hadron Therapy. The Physicist 39: 174 – 182, 2002.

Rosenfeld, A.B., Bradley, P.D., Cornelius, I., Allen, B.J., Zaider, M., Maughan, R.L., Yanch, J.C., Flanz, J.B., Kobayashi, T.: Solid state microdosimetry in hadron therapy. Radiat.Protection.Dosimetry 101: 431-434, 2002.

Burmeister, J., Kota, C., Waker, A. J., Maughan, R. L. : Application of TEPC microdosimetry to boron neutron capture therapy. Radiat. Protection Dosimetry 99: 351-352, 2002.

Burmeister, J., Kota C., Maughan, R.L. and Waker, A.J. : Characterization of miniature tissue-equivalent proportional counters for neutron radiotherapy applications. Phys.Med Biol 47: 1633-1645, 2002.

Maughan, R.L., Yudelev, M., Aref, A., Chuba, P.J., Forman, J.D., Blosser, E.J. and Horste,T. : Design considerations for a computer controlled multileaf collimator for the Harper Hospital fast neutron therapy facility. Medical Physics 29: 499-508, 2002.

Burmeister, J., Kota, C., Maughan, R., and Waker A.J. : Miniature tissue equivalent proportional counters for BNCT and BNCEFNT dosimetry. Medical Physics 28: 1911-1925, 2001.

Maughan,R.L., Yudelev,M., Forman,J.D., Williams,S.B., Gries,D., Fletcher,T.M., Chapman,W., Blosser,E.J. and Horste,T. : Attenuation and activation characteristics of steel and tungsten and the suitability of these materials for use in a fast neutron multileaf collimator. Medical Physics 28: 1006-1009, 2001.

Hillman , G.G., Forman J.D., Kucuk, O., Yudelev, M., Maughan, R.L., Rubio, J., Layer, A., Tekyi-Mensa, A., Abrams, J. and Sarkar, F.H. : Genistein potentiates the radiation effect on prostate carcinoma cells. Clinical Cancer Research 7: 382-390, 2001.

Hillman, G.G., Maughan, R.L., Grignon, D.J., Yudelev, M., Rubio, J., Tekyi-Mensa, A., Layer, A., Che, M. and Forman J.D. : Neutron and photon irradiation for prostate tumors: enhancement of cytokine therapy in a metastatic tumor model. Clinical Cancer Research, 7: 136-144, 2001.

Cornelius I., Rosenfeld, A.B., Bradley, P.D. and Maughan R.L. : A computational technique for simulating ionization energy deposition by energetic ions in complex targets. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci 47: 2423-2427, 2000.

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