Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


The Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

The Association supports and carries out its missions with the help of the following committees:

  • Programs and Special Events Committee:
    This committee provides opportunities for the Senior and Emeritus Faculty to meet in social, academic and cultural settings. Members organize the December and Spring parties, the April distinguished lecture and reception, the Autumn program and reception to honor newly emeritus faculty, and special yearly events.
    Members:  Yvonne Paterson, Peter Wilding, Sue Kramer
  • Committee for Luncheon Seminars:
    This committee is responsible for several luncheon seminars series where a variety of topics are presented and discussed by PSOM faculty. The meetings take place at the University Club in The Inn at Penn or on the PSOM campus.
    Members: Judith Aronchick, Mary Ann Forciea, Warren Gefter
  • Communications and Website Committee:
    The task of this committee is to facilitate communications within the ASEF organization by (1) managing the ASEF web site and developing content; (2) sending email messages and announcements to members of ASEF; and (3) maintaining the database of ASEF members. The web site contains information and highlights of current events; members and committees of the Executive Council; volunteer opportunities; retirement planning; obituaries; and archives of minutes, correspondence, and previous programs. 
    Members: Jeffrey Field, Joel H. Greenberg, John Hansen-Flaschen, Ana Lia Obaid
  • Past Presidents Committee:
    This committee is comprised of past ASEF presidents with the goal of looking back at the history and decisions of the ASEF council, the response of membership to programs, and the connection with the medical school administration in order to propose future directions for the organization.
    Members: Howard Goldfine, Joel H. Greenberg, Rob Roy MacGregor, James C. Saunders, Marvin E. Steinberg, Anna T. Meadows, Jeanne C. Myers, Sue S. Kramer, Peter Wilding