University of Pennsylvania

Biomedical Graduate Studies
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Scientific Rigor and Reproducibility (SRR)

Resources for SRR Training

Case-study module for SRR training:

The module is divided into five sections: preface, background, policies and guidelines, case studies, and comments/resources. Access requires a PennKey.

NIH videos:

This site provides two sets of training videos/webinars: one set of four produced by NIH directly, and one set of seven produced by the Society for Neuroscience through an R25 mechanism. The topics cover transparency, various facets of statistical approaches, biases in experimental design, and data management.

RCR training in ‘Acquisition and Management of Data’:

As noted in the Description for SRR, diligence in maintaining a laboratory notebook, formally an RCR topic, is of paramount importance to SRR. The case-study module for RCR training in 'Acquisition and Management of Data' is therefore quite useful in SRR training.