Reimbursement Guide

Reimbursements are used if either of the following two conditions are met:

If you need to get a check processed for a non-UPenn approved vendor or venue you need to leave at least 1 month for processing. Please contact for more details.


  1. During the event save all itemized receipt(s) and sign-in sheet from event.

  2. WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS OF YOUR EVENT, email with receipts, sign-in sheet, and funding request form. Electronic images of signatures are acceptable, and you can leave the vendor ID blank.

    • The Finance Chair will reply with a signed copy of the funding request form

  3. Log-in to Concur and create a new expense report.

If you are new to Concur, below are specific instructions for filling out a BGSA reimbursement request.

  1. Fill out Report Header as follows:

    • Type of Travel/Reimbursement: "4. Non-Travel Expense"

    • Country Code: leave empty

    • Report Name: a short description with dates (e.g., "BGSA Symposium 10/30/13")

    • Report Date: leave as is - automatically generated

    • Policy: "US Expense Policy"

    • Business Justification: description of event with dates. Include the phrase "Please use BGSA funding."

    • Report Key: leave as is

    • School/Center: use default-"(40) MED"

    • CNAS-ORG-BC-FUND- Funding Source: use default.

    • Program: use default.

    • CREF: use default.

    • Lawson AU-UPHS COA: leave empty.

    • Affiliation: leave as is- automatically generated.

    • Notes to Approver. "BGSA-approved event. Funding Request form with Finance Chair signature attached as receipt.”

  2. Click Next. You will receive a warning that reads "The student/trainee will include in the Business Justification field full detail..." You can ignore this warning and click Next again.

  3. Under New Expenses, scroll down and click on Student Activities to add an expense. Fill in the relevant fields, including attaching images of itemized receipts. Upload the following documents as "receipts".

  4. Click Submit Report. You should receive an email when it has been approved.