Nanomedicine for Acute Critical Illness

We are a lab at the University of Pennsylvania.  We engineer new technologies for the diseases of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (PCCM).  PCCM encompasses both diseases of the lungs and acute critical illnesses, which means all acutely life-threatening diseases, such as acute respiratory failure (ARDS), stroke, sepsis, & more.  

We engineer technologies ranging from the macro-scale (devices you can hold), all the way down to the nano-scale (smaller than cells).  We have a special interest in combinations of macro- and nano-scales, such as combining specialized catheters with nano-scale drug carriers.

Since our goal is to get technologies to patients, we believe in the importance of partnering with industry and we love entrepreneurship.  Our PI, Jake Brenner, has founded multiple companies (including one FDA approval), and teaches medical technology entrepreneurship in his role as the Director of Education of Penn-Health-Tech, Penn's medical device center.  

Please join us in the fight, as we build technologies to defeat these terrible diseases!


The Brenner Lab is recruiting!  We are looking for postdocs to help us develop new therapies for acute critical illnesses!  We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds, since the interdisciplinary nature of our work draws on many fields.