Welcome to the Bushman Lab

Our goal is to carry out research on interactions between humans and their microbes that yields the maximum positive effect on human welfare. Often this involves development and implementation of new technology for basic research and biotechnology. One research focus involves studies of the human microbiome, the gigantic community of microbes that live associated with every human. Other research centers on specific viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and HIV, and the full populations of viruses in humans—the virome. A third related area involves methods for understanding and improving approaches to human gene therapy, including integration by viral vectors.


Our laboratory supports a core facility that provides genomic analysis for human gene therapy, with particular focus on the consequences of gene modification for the human genome: Viral/ Molecular High Density Sequencing Core.

Check out the latest draft of  "Improving Your Scientific Writing", which contains a new chapter on interacting with Artificial Intelligence programs such as ChatGPT