Frequently asked questions

  • How do we get started?

Please reach out for an initial consultation to assess your needs and how we may help. If a fee-for-service agreement is required we will send you a template to review as the next step. Finally, a request for service should be submitted through our iLabs system, and samples can be submitted to our core.

  • How can I request service?

We use iLabs for tracking service requests and billing. Our core can be found here.

Instructions for signing in and making requests can be found here.

  • How do we ship samples to your core?

Please ship to the following address:

Attn: Aoife Doto, University of Pennsylvania

3610 Hamilton Walk, 

425 Johnson Pavilion, 

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Send samples in Eppendorf tubes (no strip tubes or plates) wrapped in parafilm to prevent lids from opening. Volumes greater than 20ul are requested, there are no concentration requirements. 

For overnight shipments, shipping on ice packs is sufficient. Longer shipments may prefer to use dry ice.

  • How much DNA should we send?

The more the better. We prefer working up at least a microgram of DNA to get the best results, however our assay is sensitive enough to recover integration sites with a small amount of starting material. As a policy we also store half the sample delivered in our -80C freezer, unless otherwise specified, in case we need to reprocess these for any reason.

  • What does the per sample cost cover for Gene Therapy Integration Site Analysis?

The per sample cost covers the full work up of the sample, sequencing and a standard patient report. The initial meeting with your team and a follow up meeting once the data is available, is also covered.

  • Is a vector file requested?

We suggest uploading a vector file while submitting the iLabs request. Alternatively, you can also email it to us. We recommend sending a Genbank or FASTA file, and if possible an annotated version. 

  • What is the turn-around time?

It depends on the queue at the time of sample delivery. We add samples to our queue upon delivery. 2-3 months is average. 

  • What if I need data urgently? 

If you have an urgent deadline we can do our best to accommodate this deadline. 

  • Can I request for any custom bioinformatics analysis over the standard patient reports?

Yes, absolutely. Our bioinformatics team will be happy to work with you to generate custom reports based on your needs. However, any custom analysis will be billed at an hourly rate.

  • Can you assist with supporting documentation for IND/FDA submissions or grant applications?

Yes, we have helped many groups with additional write ups and reports as part of their FDA/IND submissions and grant applications. Please let us know what you need and our team will try our best to accommodate those requests. This request will be billed on an hourly rate.  

  • What if we need additional consultation meetings? 

The per sample cost covers the initial meeting with your group and a follow up meeting once your data reports are ready. Any additional consultation meetings would be billed on an hourly basis, per personnel in attendance.