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The Cadwell Lab investigates how our immune system is regulated by the diverse infectious agents we encounter throughout life. The surfaces of our body, especially the gastrointestinal tract, harbors trillions of bacteria that are part of our microbiome. By influencing the way our immune system develops, these microbial colonizers play a role in conditions ranging from life-threatening infectious disease to chronic disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. In our ongoing research, we are identifying key interactions between cellular processes and infectious agents that determine vulnerability to diseases. In particular, we have made progress in understanding how a process termed autophagy helps cells maintain their function in the presence of external threats. We have also uncovered important roles for the less understood viral and fungal members of the microbiome, known as the virome and mycobiome, respectively. Ultimately, we aim to apply this knowledge towards treating infectious and inflammatory diseases through restoring a balanced relationship between microbes and the immune system.

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We moved to Upenn

Cadwell Lab joined in the Department of Medicine and Institute for Immunology at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in 2023.


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