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Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Confocal micrograph illustrating high levels of TACI on an extra-follicular foci (splenic sections stained with PNA, TACI, B220)

    Confocal micrograph illustrating
  • Confocal micrograph showing the absence of BLyS from the germinal center (splenic sections stained with PNA, BLyS, CD3ε)

    Confocal micrograph
  • Confocal micrograph illustrating the anatomical location of germinal centers at the T-B border (PNA+ germinal center , CD3ε+ T, IgD+ B cells)

    Confocal micrograph illustrating
  • Confocal micrograph illustrating splenic architecture with MOMA-1+ macrophage layer seperating Marginal zone B cells (IgMhiIgDlo) from the Follicular B cells (IgMloIgDhi)

    Confocal micrograph illustrating

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