MindYourBrain@PennMedicine 2020 Virtual Conference


Virtual Workshop 1: Strategize to Maximize – Mild TBI/Concussion

Led by Lisa Rocks, MS, CCC-SLP

During this session, we will explore different cognitive areas affected by brain injury.  We will also discuss how these can relate to or affect everyday activities.  Last, we will identify strategies for optimizing day-to-day functioning.

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Virtual Workshop 2: Cognitive Training

Presented by Molly Brightbill, MS, SLP and Michael Keesler, JD, PhD

This session will identify the different approaches to cognitive training and will clarify these approaches’ similarities and differences.  The session will also explore when various approaches are appropriate to use.  We will review recent literature, headlines, and Federal Trade Commission rulings and how they impact the field of cognitive training.

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Virtual Workshop 3: Surviving and Thriving After Mild TBI/Concussion

Presented by Ann Marie McLaughlin, PhD

Concussions are also called Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries.  For many, the symptoms associated with concussion are not mild and can have a significant impact on their daily lives.  This presentation will discuss common symptoms following concussion and ways to survive the roller coaster ride of recovery.

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Virtual Workshop 4: LoveYourBrain Chair Yoga

Presented by Kyla Pearce, MPH, RYT, CBIS, PhD

Yoga has been shown to improve physical, cognitive, and psychosocial outcomes in a range of clinical populations, and the LoveYourBrain Foundation is working to bring those benefits to TBI survivors.  Please relax and enjoy this 40-minute chair yoga session!

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A Message from the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA)

Enjoy this interview/infomerical with Monica Vaccaro from BIAPA about Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Tune in to learn more about BIAPA’s resources, valuable community building events, and their help line.

Click here to view a message from BIAPA.

Interview with Dr. Dmitriy Petrov, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Perelman School of Medicine

Watch Dr. Petrov’s interview at Radnor 21 Studio, where he speaks about a severe traumatic brain injury and discusses what happens between surgical intervention of a TBI and recovery.

Click here to view the interview with Dr. Petrov.

Fox and Ferns Mental Health Blog

Written by Michael Keesler, JD, PhD

Are you having difficulty with your own social distance practice during this time of adversity?  Please enjoy Dr. Michael Keesler’s blog, which focuses on different mechanisms and practices to help manage mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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