Interventions and Treatments: Clinical


Inherited retinal degenerations are currently not treatable with two exceptions: electronic chip implants which are approved for patients at a severe stage of disease with little remaining vision, and subretinal gene augmentation therapy for RPE65 form of Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) . Our group has been involved in clinical trials evaluating potential treatments as well as mechanism-specific interventions designed to better understand pathophysiology of retinal disease.

Our ongoing clinical trial in GUCY2D-LCA is evaluating gene augmentation therapy. Initial results from the first cohort of three patients (220) and the hyperresponders from the last cohort (232) were reported.

We took part in an international multi-center clinical trial to evaluate intravitreal injections of an antisense oligonucleotide sepofarsen targeting a specific intronic mutation in CEP290-LCA. Preliminary results suggested improvement of vision (197). Recently we demonstrated that a single injection can result in substantial improvements of day vision at the foveal cones with an unexpected durability of more than 15 months (219), details of improvements in patients with LP vision (227), and published the full trial results (229).

Our clinical trial in RPE65-LCA was a single center Phase I/II trial supported by the National Eye Institute. We performed subretinal gene therapy in 15 children and adults, and reported our wide ranging observations in the short and long term (97,98,104,106,109,122,129,133,143,146,148). In addition we collaborated in another subretinal gene therapy clinical trial in RPE65-LCA performed in Israel (111).

We have also taken part in a multi-center clinical trial funded by QLT to evaluate oral retinoid therapy in RPE65-LCA (146).

We have been involved in a multi-center clinical trial funded by Second Sight to evaluate Argus II electronic chip implants in patients with retinitis pigmentosa (125,150,165).

Previously, we evaluated the short-term consequences of high dose oral vitamin A in TIMP3-asssociated Sorsby fundus dystrophy, vitamin A deficiency and CTRP5- (also known as C1QTNF5) associated late-onset retinal degeneration (12,20,45).

In addition, we evaluated the short-term consequences of lutein supplementation in RP, Usher syndrome, choroideremia and ABCA4-associated Stargardt disease (44,50,81).

27 Publications On Clinical Interventions And Potential Treatments

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