Welcome to the Center for Translational Lung Biology Website. Over the past 40 years, the University of Pennsylvania has had a legacy of outstanding research in lung physiology and pulmonary cell and molecular biology. The PENN campus is rich in basic and applied research related to the lung in health and disease.

Building on this rich scientific tradition, the Center for Translational Lung Biology serves as an institution-wide locus to foster and integrate collaboration of faculty members and trainees across disciplines, schools, and departments at Penn. The Center’s vision is to support training and research aimed at integrating the genetic, molecular, and environmental mechanisms underlying advanced lung diseases and critical illness syndromes. This knowledge will be used to promote the discovery, development, and delivery of novel approaches for diagnosing, preventing, and treating lung diseases. Foremost among our goals is to align clinical and bench investigators to understand mechanisms of genomic and molecular discoveries in human populations, and to rapidly apply novel findings within relevant basic sciences to achieve improved prognostics, diagnostics, therapeutics, and molecular reclassification of advanced lung diseases and critical illness syndromes. 

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about our faculty, research programs, and educational opportunities.

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