GHHS Inducted Class of 2022

The purpose of GHHS is to recognize those students who exemplify humanistic attributes within medicine. Each year up to 15% of the third-year class can be elected for this honor based on nomination by their peers. 

Executive Board

  • Rudmila Rashid

    Rudmila Rashid

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  • Photo Unavailable

    Taylor Streaty

  • Sabrina Bulas

    Sabrina Bulas

    Chair of Community Engagement
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  • Catherine Yang

    Catherine Yang

    Chair of Student Wellness
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  • Sarthak Mohanty

    Sarthak Mohanty

    Chair of Media

Student Members

  • Adora Moneme

    Adora Moneme

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  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

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  • Alexa Larsen

    Alexa Larsen

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  • Carlos Barrero

    Carlos Barrero

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  • Genny Silva

    Genny Silva

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  • Jenna Harowitz

    Jenna Harowitz

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  • Photo Unavailable

    Kiara Taquechel

  • Larissa Wietlisbach

    Larissa Wietlisbach

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  • Madhavi Muralidharan

    Madhavi Muralidharan

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  • Mandy Salmon

    Mandy Salmon

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  • Max Shin

    Max Shin

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  • Photo Unavailable

    Nolan Kavanagh

  • Papa Kwadwo Morgan-Asiedu

    Papa Kwadwo Morgan-Asiedu

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  • Rohan Palanki

    Rohan Palanki

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  • Saiesh Kalva

    Saiesh Kalva

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  • Tosin Owoyemi

    Tosin Owoyemi

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  • Yi Zhou

    Yi Zhou

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  • Photo Unavailable

    Zoe Ruhl