The Functional Genomics Core provides state-of-the-art experiment planning, sample preparation, quality assessment, library construction, DNA sequencing, and data analysis services to DRC members. We are currently operating five state-of-the-art Illumina Sequencers. We have experience with ChIP-seq, nucleosome mapping, miRNA, and genome resequencing in mouse, human, zebrafish, and other species. We offer RNAseq, microRNAseq, GroSeq, CLIP-seq, nucleosome mapping, ATAC-Seq, ChIPseq, Exome sequencing, whole genome and targeted methylome analysis, hydroxymethyl DIP, and single cell RNAseq. A second goal of the FGC is to quickly adapt and occasionally develop new protocols for sequencing-based functional genomics analysis relevant to DRC members.

For Next Generation Sequencing Core Services, please contact the Technical Director of the Core, Dr. Jonathan Schug - or

Please acknowledge services provided by the FGC in your publications as follows:

"We thank the University of Pennsylvania Diabetes Research Center (DRC) for the use of the Functional Genomics Core (P30-DK19525)."