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Please select the membership application based on the categories given below.


  • IDOM + DRC Membership is for research-oriented faculty members at UPenn

  • Must use the DRC Scientific Core facilities.

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IDOM Only Member

  • IDOM Membership is for Penn faculty members

  • Participate in research, education or clinical care in diabetes, obesity and related metabolic diseases

  • Do NOT use the DRC scientific core facilities.

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DRC Only Member

  • DRC membership is for Non-Penn research-oriented faculty members

  • Usage of one of the DRC Cores, past current or anticipated (within a 3 year period)

  • Involvement in enrichment activities (including attending DRC events and/or presentations at DRC events)

  • Research program consistent with the DRC Mission

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IDOM Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is for Medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and residents participating in research and education in diabetes, obesity and related metabolic diseases interested in affiliate member of the IDOM you will be actively involved in the programs sponsored by the Institute. These programs include an array of core facilities, collaborative research initiatives, and our academic enrichment program involving seminar series, conferences and symposiums

Please send your affiliate membership requests to : Lisa Henry