The Katzen Lab @ The University of Pennsylvania

The Katzen lab’s research is focused on defining and understanding the molecular mechanisms of lung injury repair and fibrotic lung remodeling. We concentrate on deciphering how alveolar epithelial cells under extrinsic and intrinsic stress become deviant progenitor cells and contribute to aberrant repair and fibrosis. Our central goal is that through understanding epithelial response to stress we can overcome these defects and prevent lung fibrogenesis.

Our lab utilizes cutting edge cell and molecular biology techniques to understand how alveolar epithelial cells respond to exogenous injury (bleomycin, viral) and intrinsic stress (protein misfolding). We focus on progenitor cell biology and cell-cell interactions during fibrogenesis.

Dr. Katzen is faculty in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine
and a member of the Penn / CHOP Lung Biology Institute (LBI).

Dr. Katzen is currently seeking new research specialists, research scientists, and post-doctoral candidates to join his laboratory team.
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Latest News

  • Evan Hoffman Receives Abstract Award!

    Evan's work defining an aberrant fibrogenic epithelial cell state in our Sftpc fibrosis model receives First Prize at the 2024 Vermont Stem Cell Conference

  • A new fibrosis model!
    Our work developing a novel Sftpc mutation fibrosis model has been published!