Printed Materials and Other Documents

Stationery Supplies and Business Cards

Information about stationery supplies and business cards can be found on the Penn Medicine Stationery page. Official logos and style guides have been provided to the PSOM vendors.

Event Signs and Posters

Perelman School of Medicine logos for printing on event signs and posters can be obtained here [PennKey required]:

Note that these logos may not be altered from their original form, and neither their dimensions nor colors may not be distorted. Any questions about the use of these logos or whether other logos may be more appropriate should be directed to Penn Medicine Marketing.


Perelman School of Medicine logos and other branded images for brochures and other public marketing materials should be obtained from Penn Medicine Marketing. Marketing is also available to help make the determination about whether the PSOM or the overall Penn Medicine branding is most appropriate. 

Other Documents

In general, working documents should reflect the current name of the school. Examples include:

  • digital letterhead
  • standard-response letters
  • electronic forms
  • re-usable Word or PowerPoint templates

Documents Prepared Prior to June 2011

Most documents prepared prior to June 2011 should not be changed. Examples include:

  • reports
  • review
  • publications
  • meeting minutes
  • diplomas
  • certificates

Some documents prepared prior to June 2011, but still in active regular use, should be changed to reflect the new name. Examples include:

  • forms in current use
  • current form letters