Maxi Prep DNA Isolation

Adsorption of Polyclonal Antibodies with Antigen-Negative Cells

Affinity Purification of Antibodies

Calcium Phosphate Transfection of Adherent Cells

Cholesterol Depletion of HeLa Cells

Coomassie Stain with A12 for Mass-Spec


Double PCR

Easy Intracellular Immunofluorescence Microscopy

Fixation Protocol for Platelets

Fixing for Cyro-immunogold EM

Fugene Transfections

General Transformations


Metabolic Labeling

Protocol for FACS Analysis of HeLa Transfectants

Purification of His6-Tagged Proteins (1L cells)

Sedimentation Velocity Through Sucrose Gradients for Determination

Transfection of 293T Cells (Modified CaPO4 Protocol)

Transfection of B- and T- Cell Lines By Electroporation

Digitonin Treatment

Cell Culture Manual

Adenovirus Manual

XB2 Feeder Prep

MNT-1 Cell Culture

Fixation for Standard EM

Immunoperoxidase Protocol

SLO Protocol

Iron-loading Transferrin

Transferrin Uptake Assay