Information for Current Participants:

  • Participants can receive up to $300 for their time and effort and $200 extra if they finish optional study visits.
  • The participant will receive MRI and PET brain scans and memory testing at no cost.
  • No experimental drugs or experimental treatments are used in this study.  
  • If the participant is starting sleep apnea treatment, he or she will receive education on sleep apnea and how to use CPAP device at no cost.

Study Partner Information:

  • To participate in this study, participants need to have a study partner. The study partner can be a family member or friend that the participant live with or spend time with each week and is able to answer questions about the participant. The amount of time spent with this person must be at least 10 hours each week. The 10 hours can be a combination of time spent together in person or talking over the phone. The study partner will be compensated up to $100. 

What is the role of study partner? 

  • The role of the study partner will be to assist the participant in learning how to use the CPAP device and help him or her in answering the study questionnaires. The study partner must attend all the required sessions with the participant. 

First Visit Information for Current Participants:

  • During the first study visit, research staff members will discuss the overall purpose and details of the project with the participants so that they fully understand study procedures and what their participation will involve, including the risks and benefits. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions to confirm their understanding of the study and what they will be asked to do as a participant in the study. If screening questions determine that they are not able to give consent, their legally authorized representative will be asked to provide consent for the participants. This visit may take up to 2 hours.
  • During this initial visit, if time permits, participants may also be asked to complete memory and everyday function assessments with research staff members. Some of these assessments are used to determine if they will be eligible to take part in the study. These tests can take up to 3 hours to complete. Study staff can schedule a second study visit to complete these assessments in order to accommodate study participant's time constraints.

Radiology test Information for Current Participants:

  • Participants will be asked to undergo two types of neuroimaging: a functional/structural MRI brain scan and PET scan.
  • These radiology scans will be carried out at radiology clinics affiliated with the academic institutions taking part in this multi-site research study and staffed by certified radiology technicians with research training. The neuroimaging personnel will explain every aspect of the procedure to the participants and discuss any concerns they may have. 


  • Current participants will be reimbursed for your participation for up to $300 after they complete entire research study. Study length varies depending on their eligibility.  An additional $200 may be paid to study participants who complete optional study visits. The compensation will be adjusted depending on how many study visits participants finish.

How many participants will take part in this study?

  • This is a multi-site research that seeks to enroll and assess 460 study participants (360 with OSA and 100 Non- OSA) from participating universities.