Memories2 welcomes the interest and proposals of outside investigators

The primary goal of Memories 2 is to evaluate whether CPAP treatment of OSA in patients with mild memory complaints (n=460) delays cognitive decline and preserves everyday function over one year. Specifically:

  • Aim 1 evaluates the hypothesis that declines in one-year memory/processing speed are attenuated in CPAP adherent (CPAP+, OSA+, n=200) vs. CPAP non-adherent (CPAP-, OSA+, n=160) aMCI patients. CPAP adherence is measured precisely with a sensor that determines hours of use.
  • Aim 2 evaluates brain MRIs to test changes in brain anatomy in regards to treatment.
  • Aim 3 is to evaluate the result of an exploratory, optional cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sub-study.

Propensity score analysis is used to effectively control for confounding variables.