Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Molecular Integration in Neurological Diagnosis Initiative

GETVIRTUAL-PD: GEnetic Counseling Through Virtual Visits in Parkinson’s Disease

GETVIRTUAL-PD is a genetic counseling study at the University of Pennsylvania. Eligible participants from the MIND Initiative at Penn will be able to receive some of their genetic results through GETVIRTUAL-PD.

The study is conducted at the University of Pennsylvania only. Thomas Tropea is the Primary Investigator, Rachel Paul and Tanya Bardakjian are the certified genetic counselors, and Noah Han is the coordinator

Participants will complete pre-test genetic counseling virtually – either via videoconferencing with a genetic counselor, or via a new online genetic counseling tool designed for the study called IMAGINE-PD. Later, results for common mutations within two Parkinson's-related genes (GBA and LRRK2) will be discussed via phone or videoconferencing with the genetic counselor.

This study is open to participants with Parkinson’s disease and their family members who have already enrolled in the MIND Initiative. Please contact Noah at 215-829-8560 if you are interested in learning about how to participate.

Visit to learn more about the MIND Initiative.

IMAGINE-PD: Interactive Multimedia Approach to Genetic Counseling to Inform and Educate in Parkinson’s Disease

IMAGINE-PD is an online genetic counseling tool developed by the GETVIRTUAL-PD study team at the University of Pennsylvania. The team includes Parkinson’s disease care providers and certified neurogenetic counselors from the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Penn. During development, it was also reviewed by additional Parkinson’s disease research experts in the field. The IMAGINE-PD online tool will take the place of pre-test genetic counseling for some participants in the GETVIRTUAL-PD research study.