Meet Our Team!

Researchers interested in positions or collaborations should reach out to Zev Binder.


  • Donald O'Rourke

    Donald O'Rourke

    John Templeton, Jr. M.D Professor
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  • Zev Binder

    Zev Binder

    Research Assistant Professor
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Lab Technicians

  • Logan Zhang

    Logan Zhang

    Research Specialist
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    Kelly Hicks

    Research Specialist
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Postdoctoral Researchers

Medical Students

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    Love Osunnuga

  • Photo Unavailable

    Meghna Bhattacharyya

  • Photo Unavailable

    Oliver Tang

    NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellow
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Undergraduate Students

  • Madeline Mandell

    Madeline Mandell

    2020 Penn Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program Fellow
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Lab Alumni

  • Jiasi 'Vicky' Zhang

    Jiasi "Vicky" Zhang

    Research Specialist
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    Thilan Tudor

    Guggenheim Summer Research Fellow
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  • Emily Johns

    Emily Johns

    Drexel Co-op Student
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  • Photo Unavailable

    Sungminn Bae

  • Yibo Yin

    Yibo Yin

    Post-doctoral researcher
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  • Julia Oleksak

    Julia Oleksak

    Drexel Co-op Undergraduate Student
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  • Joe Durgin

    Joe Durgin

    Masters of Translational Research
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  • Nazaf Showkat

    Nazaf Showkat

    Drexel CO-Op
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  • Jeff Guistwhite

    Jeff Guistwhite

    GBM TCE Project Manager
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  • Leila Haddad

    Leila Haddad

    Drexel Co-op
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  • Devneet Kainth

    Devneet Kainth

    Drexel Co-op Undergraduate
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  • Radhika Thokala

    Radhika Thokala

    Postdoctoral Researcher
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