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Selecting Your Transportation Option – Parking or Septa?

As an orthopaedic resident at the University of Pennsylvania you will rotate at various locations. This may affect your decision to park or commute to work on a daily basis, therefore, please refer to the hospital sites below and the PGY rotations and sites listed to make the most informed decision possible.

Hospital Location
Presbyterian Hospital (PPMC/Presby) 39th & Market Streets
Penn Medicine University City (PMUC) 38th & Market Streets
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) 34th & Spruce Streets
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) 34th & Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (PVAMC) 39th & Woodland Ave.
Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH/Pennsy) 8th & Spruce Streets
Bayhealth Dover, Delaware

Rotation Sites by PGY Year

  • PGY1 Orthopaedic Surgery (6 months) Training Sites: PPMC, PMUC & PAH
  • PGY1 General Surgery (6 months) Training Sites: PPMC, PMUC & HUP
  • PGY2 Training Sites: All Sites, excluding Bayhealth
  • PGY3 Training Sites: PPMC, PMUC, PAH and clinics in Radnor & Valley Forge
  • PGY4 Training Sites: PPMC, PMUC, HUP, CHOP and clinics in Radnor, Valley Forge & Cherry Hill
  • PGY5 Training Sites: PPMC, PMUC, PAH, PVAMC, possibly Bayhealth and clinics in Radnor & Valley Forge

It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk from Presby and PMUC to HUP, CHOP or the VA. Pennsylvania Hospital/Pennsy (PAH) is approximately 20-25 minutes by bus or train; however, getting to Pennsy is very convenient and affordable via Septa.

Changing Your Transportation Option

The GME office allows you one primary transportation benefit per Academic Year. In the event you need to switch your election, you may do so one time during an academic year by contacting the GME Office at gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.

Where to Park?

Orthopaedic resident parking is restricted to specific UPHS lots and garages.

  • Parking at PPMC or PMUC?
    Park in the Powelton Lot located at 51 N. 39th Street. Parking in the main Presbyterian Parking garage is not permitted during the hours of 6am – 2pm.
  • Parking at HUP, CHOP or the VA?
    Park in lot 51 located at 3700 Civic Center Boulevard.
  • Parking at Pennsylvania Hospital?
    Park at 8th & Delancey Streets. Parking cards and parking validation is provided by Marialaina Scafidi, GME Director at Pennsylvania Hospital. Marialaina is located in the Pine West building 2nd floor. Parking cards must be returned on the last day of your Pennsy rotation. Parking fee’s incurred are not department reimbursable.

Having Issues Parking?

For additional information or questions, please contact your program coordinator.


Room Reservation Requests

Need space? Remember, so do others! Please be courteous and make a room reservation when you are planning your conference, meeting, or event. Whether it’s 6:00am or 6:00pm, a “quick meeting” or study session, you must reserve the space!


Ralston Library
PMUC, 3737 Market Street, 6th floor
Contact: Francesca.DiBlasi@uphs.upenn.edu or Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


PMUC Conference Rooms: West 3rd Fl., Lancaster 4th Fl., University City Board Room 6th Fl. , Woodland 8th Fl.
PMUC, 3737 Market Street, 6th floor
Contact: Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


Agnew-Grice Auditorium
HUP, 2 Dulles
Contact: Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


Room Reservation Requests must include the following information in your email:

  • Meeting Name
  • Date(s) Needed
  • Meeting Start/End Time (if you need extra time to prep/setup for a meeting, if food is being delivered, cleanup; please add that to your time)
  • Contact Person


Please try to reserve a conference room as far in advance as you can, as they book up quickly due to other departments in PMUC using them. To view the availability of the University City Board Room or other conference rooms at PMUC click here. To view the availability of Ralston Library, go to Outlook, click on Calendar, Home, Open Calendar and select “From Room List” and search for Ralston Library.

Thank you for your cooperation.





At the beginning of each academic year, GME disseminates the resident contracts via MedHub. Review your contract in full, notifying your program coordinator of any discrepancies, then electronically sign. Contracts will be forwarded to Dr. Berns, GME DIO, for signature and available for download in MedHub under the “Training History” tab. If you do not receive your contract by September 1st, please contact your program coordinator or the UPHS GME Office at gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.



Paycheck information is available via the UPHS Intranet by clicking on “Employee Records and Paychecks”. For paycheck or W-2/tax-related questions, contact the payroll department at 267-414-2323.

Paychecks are issued every two weeks. The first paycheck for PGY1 residents is generally prorated. PGY1 residents will not receive a paycheck during the lapse-in-training period June 20 – June 30. The last pay for graduating residents is generally prorated. Resident pay is based on working 5 days a week during the resident Academic Year:


PGY1: June 20 – June 19

PGY2 – 5: July 1 – June 30
Research Residents: July 1 – June 30


Residents accepted into the UPenn Orthopaedic Surgery residency program’s 6-year “research track” prior to AY18-19, will receive a pay adjustment to the next highest PGY level every second paycheck of the month starting the AY after “Research Year.”


Research residents entering the UPenn Orthopaedic Surgery residency program’s 6-year research track AY18-19 and thereafter will be paid according to their clinical PGY level. During the research residents non-ACGME/non-clinical research year, the research resident will be paid at the PGY3 level as approved by UPHS.





            ANNUAL SALARY





















Medical, dental, vision, life and other optional insurance benefits begin on the residents first day of orientation, if elected. To enroll or view your benefit selection, visit the UPHS Intranet and click on “HR & You”. Changes to major benefit elections are only permitted during an open enrollment period, generally in October, or if you have a major life event – marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc. Questions related to benefits should be directed to benefitsquestions@uphs.upenn.edu.




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Lab Coat Requests

Residents are provided 3 lab coats upon hire. Preferred name (first middle last, MD, or first middle initial last, MD, PhD) and coat size (28 – 52) are required to complete the order. Lab coats are unisex and regular size – they are not available in slim, long or short sizes. Due to reoccurring costs of lab coats, residents may only request new lab coats one time during their residency – during or after their PGY3 year or in the event of a sizing issue due to extreme weight gain or loss. It is the resident’s responsibility to keep track of their lab coat and to maintain a clean and neat appearance. Lab coats may be cleaned at no cost by dropping them in the bin located near the white coat rack at PMUC on the 6th floor. It takes approximately 1 month to order new lab coats or to have a white coat cleaned and available on the lab coat rack. If you require a new white coat or have additional questions regarding lab coats, contact your program coordinator.


BLS Certification

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Cell Phones

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Scrub Access


Residents are required to wear hospital-specific scrubs. New incoming residents will need to contact the individuals below with their hospital ID badge # and scrub size (S, M, L) to obtain scrubs. Established residents can obtain scrubs by visiting a scrub kiosk, where applicable, or by contacting the individuals below. Please note that only two pairs of scrubs are permitted per resident per location.

PPMC: michael.slowly@uphs.upenn.edu

PAH: marialaina.scafidi@uphs.upenn.edu

HUP: ebone.smith@uphs.upenn.edu

PMUC: annette.christina@uphs.upenn.edu

CHOP: youngd@email.chop.edu

VA: joanne.loguidice@va.gov





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PMUC Access

PMUC Access

If your PPMC ID is not permitting you after-hours access or access to certain floors or areas at PMUC that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact tgray@sciencecenter.org with your PPMC ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.


Duty Hours

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Case Logs

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Vacation & Conference Leave Policies

Below you will find the specific policies for vacations, attending conferences, and off-site rotations:



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Academic Calendar

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Meal Money

Rotations where residents generally work 60 hours a week per month or more on average are eligible for meal money at $16.25/week. Fellows and research residents are not eligible for meal money. Once a resident has used their allotted meal monies, no additional monies will be issued for that period. Meal money allowances are determined by the hospital, GME and the program coordinator and distributed biannually or annually:

HUP meal money disbursements are issued bi-annually on your universal HUP ID by July 1 and January 1 by GME.  If you have problems with meal money at HUP contact the GME Office at gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.

PPMC meal money disbursements are issued annually on your universal HUP ID by July 1. If you have problems with meal money at PPMC stop by the cafeteria or contact Chris Andrade at Christopher.Andrade@uphs.upenn.edu / #215-600-9368 or Matt Skowronski at Matthew.Skowronski@uphs.upenn.edu / #215-268-2786.

PAH meal money disbursements are issued prior to your rotation on your PAH ID. If you have problems with meal money at PAH contact Marialaina Scafidi at marialaina.scafidi@uphs.upenn.edu or 215-829-5933.

CHOP meal money is not UPHS-based. It is CHOP-issued and allotted depending on your call hours. If you have problems with meal money at CHOP contact Donna Dougherty at doughertyd@email.chop.edu.

PVAMC meal money is not provided.

Bayhealth meal money is outlined in the off-site rotation policy.


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