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This portion of the website is currently a work in progress, with the end goal to be a repository of resources for your common questions and woes as you navigate residency. Stay tuned for more helpful answers!



Shanna & the Penn Technology Committee

AO Courses

DePuy Synthes will pay for each resident to attend one course per calendar year.  Please refer to the instructions below:

  • Your attendance at any course needs to be pre-approved by the chief residents

  • Contact Susan Dinella (sdinella@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) to register at least 2 months in advance.  Susan will pay for your flight and registration directly if you wish to avoid out of pocket costs.
  •  It would be very helpful if a couple of you are planning to attend the same course to let Susan know so that she can register all at once. 
  • Once Susan has registered, Ellena Hayes will start the grant agreement process with DePuy Synthes.
  • The maximum amount per resident is $2,000 which includes for AO Basic registration cost currently $1200 leaving $800 available for airfare, lodging, ground transport, meals (no alcohol). AO Advanced registration cost is $1300 leaving $700 available for the expenses listed above. Keep in mind that costs will most likely exceed the $2,000 unless residents share the cost of a room.
  • All other costs will be reimbursed after your trip by submitting itemized receipts for all expenses along with a W9 to Kristine Zgrocki (Kristina.Zagrocki@pennmedicine.upenn.edu).
  • For additional questions or concerns contact Ellena Hayes (ellena@pennmedicine.upenn.edu)

*Please note email links do not work well with certain browsers/outlook. If this is the case for you copy email into your outlook web browser.



Please see below for the off site rotation policy, applicable to the PGY 5 Bayhealth Rotation. Refer to the Bayhealth Rotation page for more helpful surgical steps in preparation for your rotation.


BLS/ACLS Certification

Under GME Policy #III-G, House Staff Onboarding, all house staff must be certified in Basic Life Support (BLS).  

ACLS is only required for PGY1 orthopaedic surgery residents and house staff that moonlight.


UPHS Option:


A free UPHS instructor-led course is available for registration through Knowledge Link. In Knowledge Link, type “BLS” in the search box and complete theBasic Life Support Training BCLS/CPR Participant Agreement – UPHS”, then register for the “Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS/CPR) Certification UPHS” course. Please note the certification is a 4-hour instructor-led course, not an online course. If you register for a 4-hour instructor-led BLS certification course and are unable to attend the class, you must cancel your registration or you will be assessed a $65 fee by UPHS.


A free UPHS instructor-led course is available for registration through Knowledge Link. In Knowledge Link, type “ACLS” in the search box and complete the appropriate initial or recertification ACLS welcome letter/pledge and register for a course. If you register for an online course and an instructor-led course, or fail to attend an instructor led course, you will be assessed a fee up to $190 by UPHS.


Outside UPHS


American Heart Association: BLS for Healthcare Professionals, 2-hours, requires a live skills session. Cost $28.50.


Advanced Medical Certification: No classes or skills sessions required. 20% off coupon codes may be available. Receive your BLS card instantly via email. Cost $99.



American Heart Association: Heartcode ACLS, 4.5 hours, requires a live skills session. Cost $132.


Advanced Medical Certification: No classes or skills sessions required. 20% off coupon codes may be available. Receive your ACLS card instantly via email. Cost $129.


Expenses related to BLS and ACLS certifications are not reimbursable by the department.  

Did you obtain a new or updated BLS or ACLS card? Email a copy to your program coordinator


Case Logs

Cell Phones

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) and the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP) have established guidelines on the use of “telecommunication devices” as outlined in the policy manual, number 1-12-59.

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery provides residents work-issued cell phones as outlined by the telecommunication devices policy. Residents are provided cell phones at the start of their PGY1 year and are contracted for 2 years, therefore, they are eligible for an upgrade at the beginning of PGY3 year. To request an upgrade a resident should email their program coordinator. Department-paid upgraded phones are available or the resident may select a phone of their choosing and pay the additional fees via check. Residents are responsible for turning in their old cell phone to their program coordinator, when receiving their new cell phone. Old cell phones in good condition are repurposed as temporary phones for residents.

IMPORTANT! Due to the cell phones 2-year contract period, and early termination fee, a 5-year resident is only permitted one upgrade during their time in residency. A 6-year resident may be eligible for 2 upgrades (at the end of PGY2 year and at the end of clinical PGY3 year).

If a resident loses their cell phone or it is stolen, contact IS at 215-662-7474 immediately and request that they wipe the phone. Email your program coordinator to request a new SIM card and a temporary phone or upgrade, if eligible.

Upon graduation or termination of employment, residents may not keep their cell phone or cell phone number. Residents must turn in their work-issued cell phone and its accessories.



Under Federal law, SHPS will notify you within 44 days after your termination date of your rights to continue group health, dental and/or vision coverage for up to 18 months after your termination date.

  • COBRA notices will not be received nor can benefits be elected prior to your termination date
  • COBRA notices are generally received in the mail two weeks AFTER your termination date
  • You have 60 days from your termination date to elect or reject COBRA
  • If elected, benefits are retroactive and premiums must be paid to SHPS within 45 days
  • Late, partial or missed premium payments will automatically terminate COBRA benefits


COBRA RATES 2018 – 2019


Additional questions regarding COBRA should be directed to UPHS Human Resources Customer Service at 215-615-2277, select option 1, or BenefitsQuestions@uphs.upenn.edu. Do NOT contact the UPHS GME Office.





At the beginning of each academic year, GME disseminates the resident contracts via MedHub. Review your contract in full, notifying your program coordinator of any discrepancies, then electronically sign. Contracts will be forwarded to Dr. Berns, GME DIO, for signature and available for download in MedHub under the “Training History” tab. If you do not receive your contract by September 1st, please contact your program coordinator or the UPHS GME Office at gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.



Paycheck information is available via the UPHS Intranet by clicking on “Employee Records and Paychecks”. For paycheck or W-2/tax-related questions, contact the payroll department at 267-414-2323.

Paychecks are issued every two weeks. The first paycheck for PGY1 residents is generally prorated. PGY1 residents will not receive a paycheck during the lapse-in-training period June 20 – June 30. The last pay for graduating residents is generally prorated. Resident pay is based on working 5 days a week during the resident Academic Year:


PGY1: June 20 – June 19

PGY2 – 5: July 1 – June 30
Research Residents: July 1 – June 30


Residents accepted into the UPenn Orthopaedic Surgery residency program’s 6-year “research track” prior to AY18-19, will receive a pay adjustment to the next highest PGY level every second paycheck of the month starting the AY after “Research Year.”


Research residents entering the UPenn Orthopaedic Surgery residency program’s 6-year research track AY18-19 and thereafter will be paid according to their clinical PGY level. During the research residents non-ACGME/non-clinical research year, the research resident will be paid at the PGY3 level as approved by UPHS.





            ANNUAL SALARY





















Medical, dental, vision, life and other optional insurance benefits begin on the residents first day of orientation, if elected. To enroll or view your benefit selection, visit the UPHS Intranet and click on “HR & You”. Changes to major benefit elections are only permitted during an open enrollment period, generally in October, or if you have a major life event – marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc. Questions related to benefits should be directed to benefitsquestions@uphs.upenn.edu.



Duty Hours

Coming soon!


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Penn Behavioral Health (PBH) services are available to house staff and their immediate families/dependents.

EAP provides a variety of services, refer to the attached PowerPoint presentation, slide 4. House staff should let the EAP/PBH representative know they are a resident or fellow. Doing so will expedite the request for an appointment with a provider. House staff are eligible for up to 8 counselling sessions per issue of concern. EAP staff can also provide financial guidance and even limited legal advice.

PBH services include testing and treatment for autism spectrum disorders, psychiatric disorders, and drug/alcohol dependence; refer to the attached PowerPoint presentation slide 12. Psychiatric and other counselling services are confidential and can be conducted in various locations, including away from Penn hospital campuses.

If referral for services is required by a Program Director (e.g. as part of remediation plan or disciplinary action), referrals will go through EAP.  A “Release of Information” form should be signed by the resident/fellow. This form is available on the EAP website or obtained by your program coordinator.

Note that EAP services are free; PBH services may require a co-pay. 

Additionally, access to the EAP portion of the PBH website requires the username and password of “uphs” for both. For website access assistance, please contact IS at 215-662-7474.

To schedule an appointment with an EAP counselor, call 888-321-4433.

To schedule an appointment with PBH, call 888-321-5533.

For immediate crisis services:


Expense Reports (Chrome River)

Chrome River is now used to submit departmental reimbursements. Below you will find a quick start guide and helpful instructions to track and submit your receipts. When submitting a reimbursement through Chrome River, update the Accounting Unit Number (AU) to 114125 and select "No Account Override" and include all itemized receipts. Credit Card statements will not suffice as the only method of payment


Fitness Center

Fitness and exercise is encouraged, therefore, all house staff may obtain access to the Good Shepherd Penn Partners Penn Therapy & Fitness Center located on at Penn Medicine University City (PMUC) on the 2nd floor at no charge. Fitness hours are Monday – Thursday 6:45am to 7:00pm and Friday 6:45am – 6:00pm. Full use of the equipment is permitted with the exception of the pool. Enrollment is required. For more information or to enroll, click here.

Questions? Contact Bob LaBelle at 215-294-9209 or robert.labelle@uphs.upenn.edu.  



Coming soon!


ID Badge or Penn Card Access Issues

Issues with PMUC Access:
If your HUP ID is not permitting you after-hours access or access to certain floors or areas at PMUC that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact tgray@sciencecenter.org with your PPMC ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.

Issues with PPMC Access:
If your HUP ID is not permitting you OR access or access to areas at PPMC that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact eric.orr@uphs.upenn.edu with your HUP ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.

Issues with HUP Access:
If your HUP ID is not permitting you OR access or access to areas at HUP that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact david.arcidiacono@uphs.upenn.edu with your HUP ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.

Issues with PAH Access:
If your PAH ID is not permitting you OR access or access to areas at PAH that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact marialaina.scafidi@uphs.upenn.edu with your PAH ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.

Issues with VA Access:
If your VA ID is not permitting you OR access or access to areas at the VA that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, visit the security/ID office at the VA.

Issues with CHOP Access:
If your CHOP ID is not permitting you OR access or access to areas at CHOP that are essential to perform the duties of a resident, contact doughertyd@email.chop.edu with your CHOP ID badge # and a description of the area(s) that you require access.

Issues with Stemmler Hall Access:
If your PennCard is not permitting you access to Stemmler Hall, contact Susan Dinella at sdinella@pennmedicine.upenn.edu and provide her your PennCard ID number.

Human Tissue Lab (HTL) Access:
The department of orthopaedic surgery restricts access to the Human Tissue Lab. Questions or concerns regarding lab access, may be directed to Lori Kish at lkish@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.


Jury Duty

Assigned to Jury Duty? Immediately forward your summons request to your program coordinator. Your program coordinator will submit a release request to JurorQ@courts.phila.gov. If the release request is approved, you will receive an email from the Philadelphia Courts confirming you have been excused from jury duty. If you do not receive an email, then you must report to jury duty!


Lab Coat Requests

Residents are provided 3 lab coats upon hire. Preferred name (first middle last, MD, or first middle initial last, MD, PhD) and coat size (28 – 52) are required to complete the order. Lab coats are unisex and regular size – they are not available in slim, long or short sizes. Due to reoccurring costs of lab coats, residents may only request new lab coats one time during their residency – during or after their PGY3 year or in the event of a sizing issue due to extreme weight gain or loss. It is the resident’s responsibility to keep track of their lab coat and to maintain a clean and neat appearance. Lab coats may be cleaned at no cost by dropping them in the bin located near the white coat rack at PMUC on the 6th floor. It takes approximately 1 month to order new lab coats or to have a white coat cleaned and available on the lab coat rack. If you require a new white coat or have additional questions regarding lab coats, contact your program coordinator.



Coming soon!


Meal Money

HUP Rotations:

  • GS SICU – PGY1
  • HUP Tumor – PGY2 and PGY4
  • You get a flat $65 for the rotation. The funds are put on your HUP ID badge and are loaded twice annually dependent upon your rotation time. If you are doing SICU in March you won’t get funds until January etc.
  • If you have problems with your funds, contact GME: gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.

PAH Rotations:

  • PAH F&A – PGY1
  • PAH – PGY2 and PGY5
  • Spine w/ Dr. Arlet – PGY4
  • F&A – PGY3 (3 weeks’ worth of funds – the other 3 weeks come from PPMC)
  • You get $16.25 a week per rotation loaded onto your PAH ID badge by Marialaina Scafidi from Pennsy’s GME Office. These funds are uploaded prior ro the start of your rotation. If you have questions about your funds email her at: Marialaina.Scafidi@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

PPMC Rotations:

  • All other rotations except surgical skills and float:
  • You get $16.25 per average rotation (6 weeks and GS intern rotation of 4 weeks).
    • PGY1: 34 weeks // $552.50
    • PGY2: 12 weeks // $195.00
    • PGY3: 45 weeks (includes 3 weeks of F&A) // $731.25
    • PGY4: 24 weeks // $390.00
    • PGY5: 24 weeks // $390.00
  • The money is loaded to your HUP universal ID badge once prior to the beginning of the AY. If you have questions about your meal money... email me!


  • There is no meal money for the VA
  • CHOP meal money is handled through CHOP
  • Bayhealth rotators will receive $75 weekly to their Bayhealth ID card
  • Research residents do not get meal money


Office Supplies & Prescription Pads

If a call room or resident office/bunker requires supplies, such as printer toner or paper, please contact Rachael Rider at rachael.rider@uphs.upenn.edu and include the hospital, floor, room number and printer model/toner number, as needed. It is recommended that you contact Rachael or your department's program coordinator when toner ink is “low” instead of completely empty. Supplies may be available at PMUC, 6th floor, for immediate pick-up or have to be ordered, which can take up to a week to receive.


The dissemination of prescription pads is at the discretion of the orthopaedic surgery practice managers. If you require a prescription pad, please contact Shawn Breisacher at shawn.breisacher@uphs.upenn.edu.



Orthobullets is an online study resource paid for and provided by the UPenn Department of Orthopaedic Surgery to improve residents orthopaedic knowledge. At a minimum, residents are required to complete a monthly 30-minute self-assessment milestone exam. Milestone exams are due on the last day of each month. Orthobullets completion reports will be reviewed at the department’s monthly GMEC meetings. Resident orthobullet performance will be reviewed bi-annually by the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) and assessed in the residents formal ACGME milestone report finalized by the program director.

Having issues accessing Orthobullets, PASS, or the monthly self-assessment Milestone exams? Contact Orthobullets at info@orthobullets.com or customer support at 917-647-5276. If a problem persists or you may miss an exam deadline due to technical issues, notify your program coordinator.



Selecting Your Transportation Option – Parking or SEPTA?

As an orthopaedic resident at the University of Pennsylvania you will rotate at various locations. This may affect your decision to drive or take SEPTA to work. Refer to the hospital sites and PGY rotations to make the most informed decision possible when selecting your transportation option.


Rotation Sites / Hospitals / Locations

1  Presbyterian Hospital (PPMC)                    

39th & Market Streets (University City)

2  Penn Medicine University City (PMUC)

38th & Market Streets (University City)

3  The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP)

34th & Spruce Streets (University City)

4  Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine (PCAM)

34th & Civic Center Boulevard (University City)

5  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

34th & Civic Center Boulevard (University City)

6  Philadelphia Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (PVAMC)

39th & Woodland Avenue (University City)

7  Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH/Pennsy)

8th & Spruce Streets (Center City)

8  Shriners Hospital for Children

Philadelphia, PA (Temple University)

9  Penn Medicine Radnor (RAD)

Radnor, PA

10  Penn Medicine Valley Forge (VF)

Valley Forge, PA

11  Penn Medicine Cherry Hill (CH)

Cherry Hill, NJ

12  Chester County Hospital (CCHS)

West Chester, PA

13  Bayhealth

Dover, DE



PGY Year / Rotation Site Locations

PGY1 Orthopaedic Surgery (6 months) Training Sites:

1, 2, 7

PGY1 General Surgery (6 months) Training Sites:

1, 2, 3, 4

PGY2 Training Sites:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

PGY3 Training Sites:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

PGY4 Training Sites:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11

PGY5 Training Sites:

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13


Changing Your Transportation Option

The GME office allows you one primary transportation benefit per Academic Year. In the event you need to switch your election, you may do so one time during an academic year by contacting the GME Office at gme.pc@uphs.upenn.edu.


Where to Park?

Resident parking is restricted to specific UPHS lots and garages.

  • Parking at PPMC or PMUC? Park in the Powelton Lot located at 51 N. 39th Street. Parking in the main Presbyterian Parking garage is not permitted during the hours of 6am – 2pm.
  • Parking at HUP, PCAM, CHOP or the VA? Park in lot 51 located at 3700 Civic Center Boulevard.
  • Parking at PAH? Park at 8th & Delancey Streets. Parking cards and parking validation is provided by Marialaina Scafidi, GME Director at Pennsylvania Hospital. Marialaina is located in the Pine West building 2nd floor. Parking cards must be returned on the last day of your Pennsy rotation. Parking fee’s incurred are not department reimbursable.
  • Parking at Shriners? Request a token from Dr. Kovach or pay a nominal $1 fee
  • All other rotation sites provide free parking is available


Have Parking Card Issues?


For additional information or questions, please contact your program coordinator.


Room Reservation Requests

Need space? Remember, so do others! Please be courteous and make a room reservation when you are planning your conference, meeting, or event. Whether it’s 6:00am or 6:00pm, a “quick meeting” or study session, you must reserve the space!


Ralston Library
PMUC, 3737 Market Street, 6th floor
Contact: Francesca.DiBlasi@uphs.upenn.edu or Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


PMUC Conference Rooms: West 3rd Fl., Lancaster 4th Fl., University City Board Room 6th Fl. , Woodland 8th Fl.
PMUC, 3737 Market Street, 6th floor
Contact: Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


Agnew-Grice Auditorium
HUP, 2 Dulles
Contact: Rachael.Rider@uphs.upenn.edu


Room Reservation Requests must include the following information in your email:

  • Meeting Name
  • Date(s) Needed
  • Meeting Start/End Time (if you need extra time to prep/setup for a meeting, if food is being delivered, cleanup; please add that to your time)
  • Contact Person


Please try to reserve a conference room as far in advance as you can, as they book up quickly due to other departments in PMUC using them. To view the availability of the University City Board Room or other conference rooms at PMUC click here. To view the availability of Ralston Library, go to Outlook, click on Calendar, Home, Open Calendar and select “From Room List” and search for Ralston Library.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Scrub Access

Residents are required to wear hospital-specific scrubs. New incoming residents will need to contact the individuals below with their hospital ID badge # and scrub size (S, M, L) to obtain scrubs. Established residents can obtain scrubs by visiting a scrub kiosk, where applicable, or by contacting the individuals below. Please note that only two pairs of scrubs are permitted per resident per location.

PPMC: michael.slowly@uphs.upenn.edu

PAH: marialaina.scafidi@uphs.upenn.edu

HUP: ebone.smith@uphs.upenn.edu

PMUC: annette.christina@uphs.upenn.edu

CHOP: youngd@email.chop.edu

VA: joanne.loguidice@va.gov




Vacation & Conference Leave Policies

Below you will find the specific policies for vacations, attending conferences, and off-site rotations:

Course/Conference Reimbursement
  • In order to obtain reimbursement for courses and conferences APPROVED for departmental reimbursement, please use Chrome River. Refer to the Expense Reports section in FAQ for how to submit reimbursements through Chrome River.
  • Reimbursements from courses or conferences NOT approved for departmental reimbursement may be submitted to Kristina.Zagrocki@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for grant or other funding sources.
  • Residents that require courses registration (AO etc.), should contact SDinella@pennmedicine.upenn.edu for assistance.


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