How to Make an Appointment

The Penn Ataxia Clinic takes place on the first Friday of each month. All appointments are made by contacting the ataxia clinic coordinator Anne Beckett-Fedarko. She will schedule your visit day with the providers and can explain what to expect and how to prepare for your clinic experience. Anne will also take care of rescheduling any needed appointments. 

Please note that this is a specialized clinic for genetic ataxias. Typically, patients are referred by a general neurologist or have a documented family history of a specific genetic ataxia. Please call for further information.

To reach Anne, please call 215-829-7775

To submit a referral, please send a fax with the referral to 215-829-3935 Attn: Penn Ataxia Clinic

Location of the Penn Ataxia Clinic

The Penn Ataxia Clinic is located in the Penn Neurological Institute building at Pennsylvania Hospital. This building is on the northwest corner of South 9th Street and Pine Street in Philadelphia.

New Patient Visits will take place on the third floor in the morning.

Returning Patient Visits will take place on the first floor in the afternoon.