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Penn Pearls

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About Penn Pearls


Penn Pearls is a mobile teaching program made by doctors for doctors.


Our target audience includes residents and attendings on General Medicine inpatient rotations who want to teach but are limited by time.


This idea came from the following beliefs about the current state of General Medicine inpatient rounds at our hospitals:


  1. Teaching rounds have become longer with increasing patient care responsibilities.  When the census is overwhelming, teaching gets cut first.

  2. Most people want to pass on the magic of Internal Medicine rounds teaching they saw as students but receive little training in how to teach effectively.

  3. Unless carefully planned, the "short two-minute discussion" usually lasts much longer than a learner's attention span while answer calls, limiting teaching time for the rest of rounds.

  4. If you can provide the teachers with ideas (thus the preparation) for short "micro-teaching" pearls then each patient's condition can have something to teach the team each day.


We would love to hear any feedback or ideas to make this resource more clinically useful for you!



Flint Wang MD, Daniel Wang MD, Priya Joshi MD, Corrie Stankiewicz MD