Meet the Team

Our Clinicians

  • Peter Merkel, MD, MPH

    Peter Merkel, MD, MPH

    Chief of the Division of Rheumatology
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  • Nora Sandorfi, MD, MSCE

    Nora Sandorfi, MD, MSCE

    Associate Professor of Medicine
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  • Chris Derk, MD

    Chris Derk, MD

    Professor of Clinical Medicine
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  • Naomi Amudala, CRNP, MSN

    Naomi Amudala, CRNP, MSN

    Nurse Practitioner 
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Research Team

  • Sally Thompson, MBE

    Sally Thompson, MBE

    Clinical Research Manager
  • Sarah Gillespie

    Sarah Gillespie

    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Alison Keenan

    Alison Keenan

    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Lauren Baker

    Lauren Baker

    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Wren Catrillo

    Wren Catrillo

    Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Kathryn Doyle

    Kathryn Doyle

    Laboratory Technician