The Penn Vasculitis Center: A Leader in Vasculitis

Welcome to the Penn Vasculitis Center. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and compassionate care to patients with vasculitis and advance our understanding of vasculitis through research. As experts in the management and study of vasculitis, we are at the forefront of specialty care and clinical research and treat all types of vasculitis. We are embedded in a top-tier academic institution, the University of Pennsylvania.


In The News

  • New Penn Relapsing Polychondritis Center!

    Drs. Peter Merkel and Shubhasree Banerjee have launched a clinical program centered around the care and research of relapsing polychondritis. To learn more, check out our Relapsing Polychondritis Program page under the Patient Care menu.

  • New Penn Rheumatology Twitter opened!

    Follow us at @PennRheum for all the latest updates on what's going on inside the Division of Rheumatology and in the Rheum world!

  • New Penn Giant Cell Arteritis Fast-Track Program launched in January 2020!

    A multi-disciplinary team of rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and vascular surgeons will rapidly assess and evaluate patients with suspected giant cell arteritis. Patients will also have the opportunity to enroll in clinical studies. To learn more, check out our GCA Fast-Track page under the Patient Care menu.