Researching Micro-Organisms in Large-Vessel Vasculitis (RESOLVE)



The purpose of this study is to look at the changes in the gut microbiome (the community of microbes living in the gut) of participants with large-vessel vasculitis over time. We will also compare gut microbiome of large-vessel vasculitis to inflammatory bowel disease and healthy controls.

NO. There are no medications involved with this study.

We will be studying the community of microbes living in your gut and comparing it to those with other inflammatory bowl diseases or healthy controls.

  1. Patients must first have a diagnosis of the following types of vasculitis:
    • Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA)
    • Takayasu's arteritis
  2. People who do not have vasculitis/systemic autoimmune disease and would like to volunteer as controls

The study is a longitudinal study and currently has no set duration or ending point. The earlier you sign up, the longer you will be participating for until you decide to either withdraw or until the study ends.

To participate in RESOLVE, you will be filling out some questionnaires, completing a blood draw and a stool collection.


You will receive a stool collection kit and detailed instructions to take home for the sample collection. Everything you need to properly collect, store, and ship the sample will be provided to you prior to leaving the physician’s office. After the stool specimen is collected, you will then ship your kit to the processing lab using the designated courier. You will need to arrange for the courier to pick up the package at your home address via their online portal or through a phone call. All shipping labels and fees will be provided and covered by the study. There will also be a blood draw in the clinic, depending on your availability. There will be a set of questionnaires for you to complete upon enrolling into the study and at all subsequent follow up visits. This process will repeat with every follow up visit (once every 3-4 months).

Thank you for your interest! If you wish to learn more and sign up for the study, please contact: