University of Pennsylvania

Predoctoral Training Grant in Pharmacology

Administrative Structure

The training program is administered by the PGG; thus the fact that the chair of the PGG is the PI of this training grant serves to unify the training with the pharmacology program. The membership and responsibilities of the committees for the PGG are provided below. In principle, there is no distinction between the PGG and the pharmacology Training Program with regard to the benefits received by students. Thus, the Training Program creates a ‘Halo” effect, and students not directly supported by the training grant benefit from all training grant activities such as the Student Symposium, Student Journal Club, and career development workshops and panels. The Executive committees for the T32 and the PGG are distinct except for three overlapping members (in bold).

T32 Advisory Committee - Chair, Julie A. Blendy, PhD

  • Provides intermediate and long-range planning for the Pharmacology Training Program (NIGMS T32)
  • Evaluates student academic records and research accomplishments for initial appointment and re-appointment to training grant
  • Committee Membership: Julie A. Blendy, PhD, Dept of Systems Pharmacology, PGG Chair; Wade Berrettini, MD, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, PI Neuropsychopharmacology Training  Grant, NIMH; Trevor Penning,PhD, Dept of Systems Pharmacology, PI Translational Research Training Program in Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Dave Manning, PhD, Dept of Systems Pharmacology, Training Director for Biomedical Graduate Studies, Jeffrey Field, PhD, Chair Student Affairs Committee, PGG