The University of Pennsylvania

Public Health Certificate Program

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Seminar Schedule

Upcoming Seminars
Speaker Date Time Location
Dr. Ami Patel, Philadelphia Department of Public Health 11/20/2018 8:30am 701 BRB
Dr. Kate Hacker, University of Pennsylvania 12/04/2018 8:30am 701 BRB

Previous Seminars
Speaker Date
Dr. Jennifer Punt, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 11/06/2018
Dr. Michael Z. David, University of Pennsylvania 10/23/2018
Gabrielle C. Hunter, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs 10/09/2018
Dr. Evan Anderson, University of Pennsylvania 09/25/2018
Welcome back! 09/11/2018
Dr. Gary Smith, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 05/09/2018
Megan Vodzak, Smithsonian Institute 04/25/2018
Shannon Barbour and Sophia Reeder, PHCP students 04/11/2018
Dr. Doug Wiebe, University of Pennsylvania 03/28/2018
Dr. Alyssa Heugel MacMillan, PHCP alumna, New Jersey Department of Health 03/14/2018
Sangya Agarwal, Andrew Hart, Nawar Naseer, and Elisha Segrist, PHCP students 02/28/2018
Dr. Morgan Marks, Merck & Co. 02/14/2018
Annie Chen, Enrique Lin Shiao, and Sarah Sneed, PHCP students 01/31/2018
Mary Addison, Elisabet Bjanes, and Alex Delaney, PHCP students 01/17/2018
Dr. Jennifer Han, University of Pennsylvania 12/05/2017
Dr. Joseph Benci, PHCP alumnus, University of Pennsylvania 11/21/2017
Stephen Bart, BGS student 10/24/2017
Dr. Michelle Kondo, USDA Forest Service 10/10/2017
Dr. Ross Johnson, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing 09/26/2017
Welcome back! 09/12/2017
Yuxiang Zhang and Joseph Benci, PHCP Students 04/26/2017
Dr. Beth Feingold, University of Albany 04/12/2017
Annie Chen and Elisabet Bjanes, PHCP Students 03/29/2017
Enrique Lin Shiao and Alexandra Delaney, PHCP Students 03/15/2017
Jamie DeNizio, Mary Addison, and Shannon Barbour, PHCP Students 03/01/2017
Dr. Ricardo Castillo Neyra, Center for Public Health Initiatives 02/15/2017
Dr. Mike Levy, PHCP Co-Director, University of Pennsylvania 02/01/2017
Dr. Shelley Rankin, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 01/18/2017