Novel Immune Prevention and Therapies For Cancer

To develop a DNA antigen/cytokine vaccine to prevent cancer in genetically engineered mice susceptible to pancreas and ovarian cancer (e.g. BRCA mutations).


  • Evaluate TERT DNA +/- IL-12 DNA as a vaccine to prevent occurrence of cancer in spontaneous and implantable murine models
  • Optimize with other or additional targets using model models of tumor prevention
  • Translate this approach for vaccine for tumor prevention


  • Phase I study of TERT DNA +/- IL-12 DNA is underway in high risk patients in remission following initial diagnosis, surgery, and adjuvant therapy

Project Participants:  Robert Vonderheide, Cynthia Clendenin, Ben Stanger, Ronald Drapkin, Susan Domchek (PICI@Penn Directory)