Plasma banking for immunotherapy monitoring

Establishment of central plasma banking for immunotherapy monitoring

To establish a process for routine and comprehensive banking of longitudinal plasma samples from patients receiving immunotherapy.


  • Utilize existing, validated protocols to process patient blood in a manner that is compatible with multiple downstream molecular assays.
  • All sample processing will be coordinated with the Wherry lab as well as the Human Immunology Core (HIC) such that those labs will be provided with discarded, high-quality buffy coats for immune cell phenotyping.
  • The Liquid Biopsy Lab will maintain a heavily annotated data base in REDCap of clinical data extracted from the electronic medical record in Epic as well as documentation of the number and location of stored vials. 
  • Plan to collect 4,000 patent samples over 2 years.



  • Hundreds of samples have been collected from six different I/O trials.


Project Participants: Erica Carpenter, Stephanie Yee