The NIH Implementing a Maternal Health and PRegnancy Outcomes Vision for Everyone (IMPROVE) initiative aims to reduce maternal mortality, improve pregnancy, perinatal and postpartum care, and to address the factors that have led to severe disparities in outcomes for marginalized groups.


The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) has created the Achieving Maternal Equity and Transforming Health through Implementation Science and Training (AMETHIST@Penn) Implementation Science Hub to support IMPROVE Maternal Health Research Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and other IMPROVE investigators and to coordinate with NIH Staff Scientists, Project Staff, and the Data Innovation and Coordinating Hub.


AMETHIST@Penn is co-directed by Dr. Meghan Lane Fall, MD, MSHP, and Dr. Rebecca Hamm, MD, MSCE. In Fall 2023, additional information for instructions to access AMETHIST@Penn resources will be posted to this site. 

The AMETHIST@Penn Hub is comprised of five Cores, each with two Co-Leads and 2-4 Core Investigators:

  1. Administration, Leadership, and Evaluation Core
    • Leads: Rebecca Hamm, Meghan Lane-Fall
    • Core investigators: LauraEllen Ashcraft, Debora Grandison, Elizabeth Howell
    • Serves as the main point of contact between AMETHIST@Penn and CoEs
  2. Equity, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Core
    • Leads: Elizabeth Howell, Sarita Sonalkar
    • Core investigators: Jaya Aysola, Karen Glanz, Katelin Hoskins
    • Includes an Equity Advisory and Oversight Board to advise and hold investigators accountable for incorporating equity into their research
  3. Design, Methods, and Analysis Core
    • Leads: Rebecca Hamm, Alisa Stephens-Shields
    • Core investigators: LauraEllen Ashcraft, Shimrit Keddem, Kristin Linn
    • Includes a Consultant Panel with Methods, Equity, and Clinical subpanels to meet the anticipated consultation and technical assistance needs of the CoEs
  4. Policy, Dissemination, and Communication Core
    • Leads: Sindhu Srinivas, Sally Chan
    • Core investigators: Jessica Fishman, Debora Grandison, Courtney Schreiber, Karl Stark
    • Includes skills building in messaging and media training
  5. Training and Capacity Building Core
    • Leads: Meghan Lane-Fall, Rebecca Clark
    • Core investigators: Amanda Bettencourt, Danielle Cullen
    • Features REACH, an innovative academic-community partner training program and a comprehensive mentored research experience for both new and established investigators

The larger AMETHIST@Penn family includes more than 50 investigators and staff members and multiple partnering centers at Penn:

AMETHIST@Penn family members (alphabetical by last name):

Partnering / affiliated organizations at Penn:

  • Center for Evidence-based Practice (CEP)

  • Center For AIDS Research (CFAR)

  • Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE)

  • Center for Perioperative Outcomes Research and Transformation (CPORT)

  • Center for Research in Reproductive and Women’s Health (CRRWH)

  • FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women (FOCUS)

  • Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI)

  • Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI)

  • Maternity Care Coalition (MCC)

  • Mixed Methods Research Laboratory (MMRL)

  • Penn Office of Government and Community Affairs (OGA)

  • Penn Implementation Science Center at LDI (PISCE@LDI)

  • Research & Equity in Academic Community Partnerships for Health (REACH)

  • Summer Undergraduate Minority Research Program (SUMR)

  • Urban Health Lab (UHL)